Bonus: The More Things Change…
April 12th, 2010

Bonus: The More Things Change…

Shamus Says:

This comic was made backwards. In days of yore, I’d write a joke, then Shawn would draw it. This one came art-first, the webcomic equivalent of a breech birth.

This comic grew in the making. It began as a few ideas that we’d kept from the original run but never got to use. We batted these ideas back and forth, but none of them felt worthy of being a final strip. Then Shawn drew this square kilometer of art and I felt the need to do it justice in words. (Compare this strip to the first one to see just how far he’s come.)

Each of us had about a dozen jokes we wanted to jam into this final strip, and it took a while to find a set that we were both happy with, that worked together, and that matched the art.

This is sort of a snapshot of what we had wanted to do with the series. When they were done with Deuse Baaj, they would have moved on to Star Wars or vampires or steampunk or pirates or whatever else.

Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading.

Shawn Says:

And there you have it!  I’m going to stick by our theory that the wait was entirely deliberate, and meant to evoke early 2008.

If you’re curious, from my end, this comic took between 20 and 30 hours from start to finish.  For reference, the average Clockworks page takes between 4 and 6 hours.

If you’d like to see a much, much larger view of today’s comic, sans word bubbles, it is the current vote incentive for Clockworks over on  That’s right, I’m bribing you all to go vote for my other comic by putting up something you want to see for this comic.  I’m a bad man.

Anyway, this brings our adventure in Chainmail Bikini to a close.  Hope you’ve enjoyed it.  Feel free to chat with Shamus or myself on his blog or my comic.  Later!

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Bonus Comic Coming, Eventually

Hey gang.  As you may have noticed, the new Chainmail Bikini strip is about a month behind.  The initial delay was my fault, this one’s about 2 1/2 times as large as a normal comic, and it took a long ass time to draw once I finally dug in to it.  The current delay is Shamus’s fault.  He has a ton of projects to work on right now, and has selfishly chosen to focus on the ones that pay him money and have hard deadlines.  Jerk.

We’re doing this one backwards, which doesn’t help.  Usually he’d write the script and then I’d draw it.  This time I had an idea for a comic, based on old running jokes we’d discussed about where the comic would go back when our plan was to keep making new CB strips forever.  Sadly, the art I came up with is too awesome, and Shamus has mentioned that he’s intimidated trying to live up to it and give a proper ending to the series, which is silly because the dude’s hilarious.

Hopefully I’ll have a final script from Shamus in the near future, and you guys will have a comic to enjoy in the next week or two.  In the mean time, here’s a sneak peak:


See you soon,



Dude, it’s Christmas, why are you trying to read gamer comics from two years ago?  Weirdo.

The Great Chainmail Bikini reprint returns on Monday.

Avatars! Random Encounters!

Thanks to readers Myron and ThunderCrush, we have some exciting lost bonus content for you!  First up, Chuck’s Random Encounter Table:


And, there’s a shiny new page full of every CB avatar I originally made.  Feel free to use them on any forum, journal, gravatar, twitter, wherever.

Check it out.

If anyone saved a copy of the old D&D&D cover image, or Casey’s map, or any of the other bonus content, please email it to me at shawn dot gaston at gmail dot com.  Thanks!


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Press Release!

It’s official!  We are announcing the announcement of this very site.  You can read it here:

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Chainmail Bikini – Returning October 2nd!

We are proud to announce that Shamus Young and Shawn Gaston’s short lived but generally well liked webcomic Chainmail Bikini will return on October 2nd with all old updates!

Chainmail Bikini has been off line since mid 2008, due to factors beyond our control.  It’s now returning to the interwebs, at a new home right here on

Beginning Friday October 2nd, we will be reposting the entire 51 strip archive, one at a time every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  The comics will appear in their original high definition, full color form; and will be accompanied by all new bonus commentary by series creators Shamus Young and Shawn Gaston.

At the end of the 51 strip run, we will gift unto you one additional, all new, Chainmail Bikini comic strip.  One last strip as a thank you to all of the CB fans, old and new, who have kept the dream alive.

See you in October!

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