#39 On Barbarian Culture

#39 On Barbarian Culture

Original Text: (From Chuck)

In fact, birthday parties originated in barbarian culture. The lighting of candles and the spankings all harken back to the original barbarian traditions of setting stuff on fire and hitting things. A “birthday present” was originally whatever you took from the village you were invading.

Yeah, I made all that up. You can’t expect a barbarian to be bothered to learn history.

Shamus Says:

As I mentioned at the start of the series, nobody had a copy of the entire comic. I used the Wayback Machine to recover the original text and comic titles. We’ve been re-creating the comic based on Shawn’s saved copies of the images and the archives cached version of the text. But the Wayback doesn’t have anything stored beyond #39. From here on we won’t have the “Original Text” section, and I’ll be making up new titles.

The most tragic loss (for me) is the ending. I wrote up my planned ending for the Deuse Baaj campaign and posted it to the site so that readers could have a sense of closure. It was fresh in my mind in 2007, but it’s pretty sketchy now. I’ve asked around, and as far as I gone tell it’s gone forever: That data no longer exists in this world.

At the end I’ll re-create as much of it as I can remember, but I doubt it will be as full or as detailed as the original story I’d written.

Ah well. Lesson learned.

Shawn Says:

Edit to add: We’ve found it, thanks to some intrepid readers!

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  1. neothoron says:

    Shamus, there may be a problem with your RSS feed: the preview image does not seem to be the right one.

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  3. Aaron says:

    I think I had the text right up until I subscribed to the new feed. As I remember the previews had text but no images. I think I read the end a few times from my reader. Of course I deleted the old feed when saw this one. :(

  4. Eric says:

    Tried to find contact info for you but was unsuccessful. Not sure if this is what you need(note, links are sometimes slow to load):

    I hope that’s what you’re looking for and helps. If not, apologies.

  5. Draad says:

    If memory serves it went like that …



    I think the comic ended when Aragorn’s player fled the game after briefly playing Ramgar and nearly selling his prized Silvershaft for a basic longsword to a travelling bog merchant.

    Jade would unortunately meet her end soon after and a fed-up Marcus would finally accept to play the gnome paladin Casey had prepared, with the hidden intention of getting rid of him as soon as possible. If I remember correctly the gnome would be directly and completely enamored with Lucezia. Entering a swamp dungeon, a discussion between the players would lead the gnome to hit himself in the face with his warhammer, repeatedly, to serve his mistress… or perhaps his god. Finally the half pint would throw himself willingly in the maw of some overgrown dungeon critter and be promptly, and without any saves, snacked upon. Marcus would then gladly create another blonde elf, a spellcaster, with a … red stone name perhaps ?

    The group would then arrive in the land of Deuse Baaj, intending to put a Silvershaft through his skull. Casey would try repeatedly and without succes to divert them to secondary quests but they would ignore/trample any quest hooks and enter the Evil Obelisk.

    Soon arriving in presence of the campaign boss located at the top of the tower, they found out he was perfectly undead (good) but surrounded by a mind control field (bad), revealed when Josh attacked him. Deuse Baaj had the ultimate minmax throw himself down the tower to his death. Of course Casey had underestimated Josh who lands with a spin and without a scratch. Ramgar throws his spears at the lich who dodges it (critical fail ?). Exit Silvershaft which plants itself in the ground next to Josh. I am not sure if I remember properly but I believe Marcus, utterly unwilling to lose yet another character, tries to flee possibly with the help of a “fly” spell which would be by the enemy and the poor elf would plummet to the ground. Marcus would try to cast “feather fall” or D&D&D’s equivalent but Casey would forbid it, “You can’t cast while falling”.

    I remember however that you had a hesitation concerning whether to let another of Marcus’s character bite the dust or save her one way or another (Josh’s bottomless stock of hidden talents and rule exploitations would have been handy). Facing certain doom, Chuck would accuse Casey of setting them against an unbeatable foe. Casey would respond they ignored all the secondary quests that would have given them the seven parts of the weapon and the nine pieces of the holier armour needed to kill the lich. The gnome paladin actually had some papers explaining the need or hinting the locations of these items but it was digested along its carrier. About to die, Lucrezia tosses the just-remember ressurection potion at the undead necromancer who instantly comes back to life and loses his lich powers. Still a powerful wizard but no more possessing an supernatural strength, Deuse Baaj is body checked by Ramgar who had launched himself at him, not caring to be mind-controlled when he was nothing but a meat projectile. The necromancer falls out of the tower and tries to save himself by casting a spell. Casey is interrupted by the others, who shout in chorus “you can’t cast while falling !”. Deuse Baaj hits the ground at a deadly velocity, possibly on Silvershaft. A frustrated Josh might have prodded the corpse one last time.

    This is it, sketchy indeed. I thought I remembered it better and apologize if it is more confusing than anything or even just wrong ;)

  6. pirmas says:

    Draad has it right. I was about to check the FTB forum, but now I don’t need to. Thanks Draad.

  7. Zetal says:

    The new miniskirted wizard was Topaz.

  8. Zetal says:

    And there was going to be a strip about how much Marcus and Josh loved the idea of Topaz flying above them to get into the tower…

  9. Tosanu says:

    Phrases i remember. “Its clear that Casey plans to punish the party with a TPK for going off the rails.” “You cant cast while falling! I read it somewhere, its in a suppliment!” “Everyone laughs about the same spear once again spoiling the plans of the DM. Then he rolls a one.” “So hes….alive after being hit with the potion? At this point everyone is very confused”

  10. Damien says:

    Eric’s wayback links have the titles and original commentary in them.

    #40 To Each His Own – Shamus says: This really is why I hate Bards. Just don’t tell either of the two bards in my gaming group. No, that’s not a joke. We’re a drummer away from starting our own band.

    Intermission – I was busy with work this week, so I couldn’t get the art done on time. Shamus is currently unburying himself from an ice storm, and has no time to put today’s comic together. Hilarity and comedy will return on Monday.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go shovel the walk.

    #41 Too Much of a Good Thing – Shamus says: This comic is a bit of a change. Shawn is still doing the art, I’m still making the words, but I’ve taken on the duties of doing the layout and bubble placement. We want this transition to be as smooth as possible, but some bumps are inevitable. Feedback is always appreciated. Forum feedback doubly so.

    (For those who don’t recognize the quote, Marcus is singing “Fly on the Windscreen” by Depeche Mode.)

    #42 The Next Big Thing – Shamus says: I’m just sure we’ll figure out how to put these up on time sooner or later.

    #43 The Gift that Keeps on Giving – Shamus says: Making interesting weapons is SO much easier than making up interesting characters and settings, and players usually enjoy them more anyway.

    Don’t forget to make your super-monsters immune to your super-weapons, or you’re just shooting yourself in the foot.

    #44 Return of the Kinged – Shamus says: And here we deliver a pure, almost leathal dose of fanservice. Most of this is an in-joke for fans of DMotR. Who Steve is and what role he played is left as an exercise to the reader.

    #45 He Took My Chips! – Shamus says: No matter how inept the GM, there will always be a line of willing players wanting to join. This is because playing a stupid and horrible campaign is still better than running one.

    #46 Substitution – Shamus says: Characters are like underpants: Some people spend a lot of time worrying about how they look, even though others rarely see them. More importantly, they are not something you should share.

    #47 Getting Shafted – Shamus says: The illusion of trade:
    1. Anything the GM wants you to have will always be something you can afford, regardless of how broke you are or much it should cost.
    2. The shopkeeper will never buy anything that you are required to own for the purposes of the plot.
    3. The shopkeeper will never have anything for sale that the GM doesn’t want you to have.
    Buy hey, if you feel the need to trade anyway, knock yourself out.

    #48 Melodrama, Part 1 – Shamus says: The dice may get you. The GM might get you. The other players might get you. All of this becomes far more likely if you’re not around keeping an eye on your character.