#43 The Gift that Keeps on Giving

#43 The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Original Text: (From Shamus)

Making interesting weapons is SO much easier than making up interesting characters and settings, and players usually enjoy them more anyway.

Don’t forget to make your super-monsters immune to your super-weapons, or you’re just shooting yourself in the foot.

Shamus Says:

Thanks to readers who are better at the internet than I am, we have the rest of the comic, the original commentary, the comic titles, and the original ending.

Thanks to Eric and Damien for the help.

Shawn Says:

This is one of the few CB strips that really falls flat for me.  Partly because I thought the “Players Kill Plot Important Bad Guy Instantly” was done better both times it came up in DMotR, and partly because it’s a joke that didn’t really need to be repeated a 3rd time, and partly because Casey really should have learned by now, and given the giant skeleton guy a suit of armor of Immunity to Spears or something.

Ah well.

Discussion (8)¬

  1. Didub says:

    I like the name D’Nasti. It has so many possible implications… The Nasty, Dynasty, all kinds of stuff.

  2. Shawn says:

    IIRC D’Nasti was the fertility god.

  3. Eldiran says:

    I think seeing a skeleton with happy anime eyes (^^) is more than worth it. Unless I am misinterpreting that face. Which I probably am, but I’m still sticking with my original interpretation.

  4. Shawn says:

    It was supposed to be just cheekbones and empty voids/shadows above them, but now I can’t not see happy anime eyes.

  5. Sekundaari says:

    I suppose the followers of a fertility god could find SOME way to threaten Ramgar… if Casey had the imagination.

  6. Gillsing says:

    But then he’d still have the spear to compensate with. ;-)

  7. Ravens Cry says:

    Disturbing Thought Number 458:
    Skeleton named D’Nasti doing. . .that.
    Yes, that that.

  8. Viktor says:

    @ Raven’s Cry: Giving someone the Lich-loved feat? ;)

    (also, totally a real feat. I <3 the splatbook explosion of 3.5.)