#44 Return of the Kinged

#44 Return of the Kinged

Original Text: (From Shamus)

And here we deliver a pure, almost leathal dose of fanservice. Most of this is an in-joke for fans of DMotR. Who Steve is and what role he played is left as an exercise to the reader.

Shamus Says:

Yeah. A “leathal” dose! Nice spellcheck, Shamus-from-2008.

Anyway, quite a lot good in this comic. Shawn did a great job of capturing the Lord of the Rings Viggo Mortensen and turning that into our gaming stoner.

Also great is the shirt. I had the idea for a 4:20 shirt that used dice, but I didn’t have any idea how to depict the dice and keep them readable. Shawn is the one that came up with the stylized design that made it work.

As for humor: The “punchline” is actually the weakest panel in the whole comic. The Steve / Ivy panel is lots funnier and more interesting. I can see now how this one strip could be cut up into a few traditional three-panel comics.

If I had it to do over again:

Strip 1 would be Steve’s intro, with the “I’m the guy who won the last campaign” in the punchline panel.

Strip 2 would be his comment on the other characters, ending with the the “sexay” dialog with Ivy.

Strip 3 would have established the conflict between Steve and Josh.

Here I went nuts and crammed all three concepts into a single page. It’s funny and fun, but it just wasn’t sustainable. I’ve finally gotten the feel for this sort of humor. Only two years too late.

Ah well. It turned out nice anyway.

Shawn Says:

Steve’s appearance was kind of amazing.  He showed up, became an instant fan favorite, and then stuck around for two weeks or so, and totally wore out his welcome to the point where the fans were clamoring for him to go away.  I’d seen that sort of thing happen on many a tv show or what have you, but I’d never witnessed it first hand, and so quickly.

Anyway, I still really enjoy this strip.  Mainly for that first shot of Steve, throwing horns and saying “Sup hoes?”

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  3. pirmas says:

    Argh, Steve was hilarious in DMotR, not so much here. Just my thought.

  4. Guru G. says:

    Can I buy Steve’s shirt somewhere?

  5. Viktor says:

    The shirt is still available in the store, IIRC. If I weren’t broke, I’d buy it.

  6. John says:

    What is the relevance of 4:20?

  7. Wandering Monstah says:

    I remember reading this string of comics and just sort of wishing Steve had stuck around, as opposed to wanting him to go away. (Not that there was a lot longer for him to stick around for, in the end.)

    From a perspective of doing the comic and opening up the parody, replacing Steve with Josh definitely opened up a lot more jokes for you to do. The min/max powergamer with juvenile grudge tendencies is basically a treasure trove of bad tabletop gaming jokes and he was obviously a good source of them.

    But from a character point of view, Steve is the vastly preferable option. He’s a bad gamer, he’s just as disruptive and nonsensical as the others, he could be just as bad and annoying… but at the end of the day he was still basically an okay guy. He was a lot more likable, I guess, as a person than Josh.

    Though of course all of that may just be me projecting my personal perceptions onto the characters. I have gamed with rough equivalents of both of these people. “Steve” is still my best friend, and I game with him every Saturday. “Josh” is quite thankfully a state away from both of us now, and I still grit my teeth a bit whenever I think of him.

  8. Jenny Creed says:

    4:20 is Mariuana o’ clock. I think it has something to do with the number of a famous law that either prohibits or permits the stuff. It’s hard to get a straight answer when I ask people about it because they’re usually giggling as soon as I mention “4:20″.

    And then they eat everything in sight.

    Because they’re stoned.