#45 He Took My Chips!

#45 He Took My Chips!

Original Text: (From Shamus)

No matter how inept the GM, there will always be a line of willing players wanting to join. This is because playing a stupid and horrible campaign is still better than running one.

Shamus Says:

A recap comic. Everyone – fans and Shawn alike – faulted me for doing too many of these. They don’t advance the story, they just rephrase it.

They’re probably right, but I remain unrepentant.

Shawn Says:

On the one hand, this comic is largely unnecessary.  On the other hand, there are a few amusing bits.  I’m also once again reminded that I wish I had done the fantasy segments in a sketchier style.  I think it would have worked well.  Ah well.

Discussion (8)¬

  1. SatansBestBuddy says:

    Ugh, I hate recap webcomics.

    People reading the archives to get to the newest comic know what’s going on, so they don’t need the reminder.

    People who check back for updates may have forgotten some details, but they can just post in the forum asking which comic has those details and they’ll likely get their answers before the next comic goes up.

    The crew behind the comic doesn’t need it, they’re the ones writing the damn thing.

    Overall, unless it’s of AAA-grade hilarity, recaps are never worth doing, and mostly just take up everyone’s time for no benifit.

    Unless you’re a print comic, but that’s a different story entirely…

  2. neothoron says:

    Well, I quite like the image of Chuck’s hand on Marcus’ breast…

    Completely unrelated, I seem to be unable to find the blog for Chainmail bikini in either Google, Bing or Yahoo!.
    The closest result I get, on Google, is “www.shawntionary.com/blog/?tag=chainmail-bikini”, at tenth position.
    Isn’t there something you can do so that search engines will index this blog?

  3. Gillsing says:

    Bards are awesome. If Ramgar hadn’t had that spear, I bet General Femur would’ve fallen for the burlesque dancing. There’s no telling how many of the soldiers fell for it. Well, at least no one told me.

  4. Thunderbat says:

    That pig is adorable and yet the first thought into my head is “bacon”.

  5. Shrike says:

    I actually rather like the recap comics. I found it hilarious to find how the players recap the action thats gone on, particularly considered that I remember the action as well.

  6. WCG says:

    I agree with Shrike. Bring on the recap comics! (Besides, I’m just happy for every day this series continues.)

  7. Girl Gamer says:

    Recaps like this one aren’t so bad, as the others have said. Seeing how the players butcher the campaign story arc and giving them a chance to realise they acted stupidly (as with the goblins/pigs) can be very funny. It’s not your best work ever, certainly, but it’s not awful.

  8. Didub says:

    I didn’t remember this one from the original one, but I really enjoyed it this time! Great writing and art all around. I especially like the bit about the goblins. Heh :P