#47 Getting Shafted

#47 Getting Shafted

Original Text: (From Shamus)

The illusion of trade:

  1. Anything the GM wants you to have will always be something you can afford, regardless of how broke you are or much it should cost.
  2. The shopkeeper will never buy anything that you are required to own for the purposes of the plot.
  3. The shopkeeper will never have anything for sale that the GM doesn’t want you to have.

Buy hey, if you feel the need to trade anyway, knock yourself out.

Shamus Says:

Shawn Says:

In retrospect the entire Stevegar scene really isn’t all that funny, aside from the visual gag of Stevegar himself.  Ah well.

We’re nearing the end here kids.  If you have any topics you’d like to see Shamus and I ramble on about in a future Bonus Commentary, ask away.  The clock is ticking.

There are 4 more regular CB comics left, and then the text ending, expanded with some all new commentary and maybe a sketch or three, and finally one all new Chainmail Bikini comic strip.  Feel the excitement.

Discussion (4)¬

  1. krellen says:

    I always thought it was somewhat apropos that the comic ended around this point – because, in a real gaming group, this would be the point where the group fell apart. Letting Steve not only play Chuck’s character, but give away the thing that made Chuck’s character special in Chuck’s mind, would be a death knell for any group I have ever been in, even with horrible GMs like Casey.

  2. Venalitor says:

    spear gone… HarHarHarHar… love it. now I just have to find a real group to join

  3. Mr. Death says:

    Yeah, I’m with Krellen. Especially considering Chuck made it clear he did not want Steve to play his character.

    Having something happen to a character without the player around has always been a serious offense in my groups, and we would never, ever, let someone else take over someone’s character like this.