#48 Melodrama, Part 1

#48 Melodrama, Part 1

Original Text: (From Shamus)

The dice may get you. The GM might get you. The other players might get you. All of this becomes far more likely if you’re not around keeping an eye on your charcter.

Shamus Says:


Where was I? The comic, right.

I believe this strip was mostly written by Shawn. I feel it important to mention this because at this point I was doing the comic layouts, and the deal was that I wouldn’t ask for more than three new images per comic. And here we have a ton of new images. I just felt the need to point out that I didn’t demand this much art. I imagine Shawn was trying to recapture some of the job satisfaction he lost when I started doing the layouts.

Shawn Says:

Basically I was feeling fairly confined and burnt out on the strip by this point, and really wanted a chance to stretch out and experiment a bit.  Looking back, the art shift seems fairly unnecessary now.  Playing around with the art style is something I’ve had a bit more success at in Clockworks.  That said, I do really dig the Chuck closeup in panel 7.  Also, I love that Chuck only knows the words to the chorus of Free Falling.

But yeah, aside from the fact I was growing increasingly unhappy with doing the strip, this comic has no real reason to exist.  Ah well.

As to why I was growing increasingly unhappy with drawing Chainmail Bikini, I think it’s pretty easy to look at the comics Shamus and I have done before and after CB, and see that the two of us have some pretty fundamental differences in what drives us to create stuff.  I’m really much more story driven, and Shamus is a man with an almost biological desire to mock and lampoon that which he loves.  We had a lot of fun together, and despite the bumps along the way I think we made a few damn funny comics together, but in the end I think we both want fairly different things out of making the funny comics.

This also goes in to why a full on continuation has a roughly 0% chance of happening.  I’m pretty happy unfolding the multi-year adventure Clockworks, complete with romance and drama and world building; and I’m pretty sure Shamus is enjoying making fun of new video games every week.  (And getting paid for it, jerk.)  (insert smiley here.)  There’s really very little incentive for the two of us to go back to CB long term.  I’m happy that it’s returning to a permanent home online, but we’ve both largely moved on to other stuff.

(As an aside, I’d love to collaborate with Shamus on a one off project again.  I think the ideal way would be if we came up with some very loose story together.  “Daring scientist travels in to the future, fights the evil Space Overlord and attempts to win the girl.” or something.  I’d then draw out the whole thing, probably black and white as time is limited.  Then I’d hand it over to Shamus and let him do whatever the hell he wants to with the words.  I think it would be fun to see what sort of absurdities he’d come up with given a shell of a story already drawn out.)

Discussion (11)¬

  1. SatansBestBuddy says:

    Yay, a new update!

    And it’s only two years late!

    Perhaps the worst part about that is that I have waited just as long for webcomics that are stilling running…

  2. Ravens Cry says:

    Yeesh, it was that long ago already? Jeepers, how time does fly!

  3. Sledge says:

    Now Tom Petty is in my head for the next 24 hours.

  4. Robak says:

    I remember that one time when we were playing, I went to the kitchen and made food for everyone, while our characters were climbing in the mountains. It so happened that someone failed a climbing check for me and my neighboring would-be mountaineer decided it most prudent to cut the security rope so he would not run any danger of falling down himself.
    On the other hand, I might’ve killed his character in his complete absence once.

  5. krellen says:

    Maybe my gaming groups have all been full of crazies, but when we play, if someone steps away from the table for some reason, we wait. Having other people play your character just isn’t done.

  6. Mr. Death says:

    Right about here is where I stopped thinking of the GM as foolish, and started thinking of him as an asshole. I mean, Chuck explicitly said “Don’t let this jackass use my character.” If I were Chuck, and I came back to find this, I’d tell the GM, “Screw this, I’m gone, you’re an asshole.” You don’t mess with someone’s character like that.

  7. pirmas says:

    I am with krellen and Mr. Death, our group waits, usually we call a time out for food if we didn’t already eat, it also helps get all the meme jokes out of our system from time to time. But yeah, if I were Chuck I’d be beating Casey to death with Steve as a blunt (hur hur) object.

    But I think, Mr. Death, the point WAS to show Casey as a bad DM both in planning and to his characters as he is trying to undo the mistake of letting Chuck have Silvershaft (as you can tell he is giving Steve and unreasonably good deal). The only thing that catches me off guard is that the others are not defending Chuck in his absence.

  8. COreills says:

    Achnein, these comics have gone too! Such a rabid disappearance of comics these days!

  9. Geoff says:

    Am I the only person for whom the comic is not loading when the page loads?

  10. Shawn says:

    Fixed. Again.