#1 The Nightmarish Legend of Deuse Baaj
October 2nd, 2009

#1 The Nightmarish Legend of Deuse Baaj

Original Text:

Note to would-be adventure authors: When making up names, note that the apostrophe is not some sort of universal stand-in for vowels. Stop doing that.

Shamus Says:

Here it is at last.  Er, again.  Thus begins the re-publishing of my Second Great Webcomic Venture. Just so you know going into this:  This comic was never completed.  It originally ran at Fear the Boot, and – for reasons that I have never fully understood – vanished from the site and directly into the bit bucket during some sort of overhaul / housecleaning effort.  There were three parties involved in Chainmail Bikini.  I wrote it, Shawn drew it, and Fear the Boot hosted it.  This wound up with the situation where nobody was clearly in charge and everyone sort of assumed everyone else was in charge of keeping safe the final product.  When it went poof, nobody had a backup of the whole thing.  This is why it took so long for the thing to find a new home.  Both Shawn and I are creative types, and it’s just way more fun to work on new stuff than to re-make old stuff.

So, we’re lazy and apathetic, is what I’m saying.  Shawn put in most of the work in bringing the thing back to life. We’ll be posting the old archives MWF, with new comments added at the end of each one.

(Shawn Butts In To Say: Once we reach the end of the old strips, we’ll post Shamus’s notes on how the comic was going to end, and we’re going to do one all new bonus Chainmail Bikini comic.  After that there will be no new updates, but at least this site will be here for all of eternity.)

Each comic will have the original commentary immediately following the comic (in cases where I was able to recover it) and will then be followed by additional commentary from Shawn and I looking back at the comic, or the idea, or the stuff we were doing at the time, or whatever.

Shawn Says:

Yay!  Welcome back!

Here’s the first thing I’d like to make 100% clear: Shamus and I never had any sort of falling out.  If you’re here for all the exciting webcomic creator dramas to finally unfold, you will be sadly disappointed.  I think if you look at the comics we both did before and after Chainmail Bikini that we have some pretty different styles and goals with our comics, but I still think he’s an awesome guy and I’m fairly sure the feeling is mutual.  Looking back at CB as we compiled this relaunch, I was struck by how enjoyable these strips are, and how all the nitpicky flaws I obsessed over have vanished with time.

My goal for the new commentary is to look back and talk about the fun stuff and the crappy stuff and a bit about the process behind the comic, and also to pass on some wisdom for young webcomic artists.  So many webcomics die out, and I think it will be interesting for you the future webcomic creators of America to see the behind the scenes of why this one was never finished.

Here’s my first protip: Do not create a webcomic with three parties involved and no one clearly in charge.

Second protip for artists:  As the comic progresses, you will naturally become more at ease and more practiced at drawing your characters.  This means that without fail, your first strip will not look nearly as good as your 25th.  Take the time to counter act this a bit, and spend twice as long, at least, drawing the first comic as you normally would.  Make it look as great as humanly possible, so that when it looks like crap compared to your later strips, it will look a bit less like crap.  (I have no idea how applicable this advice is to writers.)

And now you know.  See you on Monday!

Discussion (21)¬

  1. Shamus says:



  2. Shawn says:

    So Shamus – since we mostly spent the blog introducing the relaunch, any thoughts on this first comic?

  3. Dash16 says:

    First comment from a non-creator of this comic…

    Good to see CB is back, can’t wait to read through it again and get some expanded developer commentary. Any plans on actually drawing the ending to this story? I recall laughing pretty hard when reading the write-up of it.

  4. Aaron M says:

    Also, everyone should wish Shawn a happy birthday today.

  5. chabuhi says:

    Deuse Baaj needs a theme song. I suggest: http://tinyurl.com/y95rdzn

  6. Mike Oldham says:

    Oh Chainmail Bikini how I’ve missed you. Loved the comic. The only good part about you guys not finishing it is now I can read 2 comics instead of 1. Can’t wait for the new/last strip.

  7. Scarbunny says:

    I loved reading this the first time through, look forward to looking again with a fresh perspective.

    If only it could get finished.

  8. Henebry says:

    Any complaint about the art must be a reference to the real-world panels in the second half of the comic. Sure, your renderings of the gaming group did change a lot over time. But those first three panels are magnificent. And the parallel between Deuse and Casey as we move from panel 3 to panel 4 is brilliant.

  9. Bacon says:

    Does this mean you’ll be posting the bonus material, where you could salvage it, Shawn?

  10. Avilan says:

    Finally. It’s back.

    Sad as I might be for it never to be finished, I am so glad to see the great comic that led me to discover these two (Shamus’ blog and Shawn’s Clockworks) again.

  11. Jabor says:

    Shawn, Shamus – you guys are awesome.

    It’s great to see CB back up where we can read it.

    And also, thankyou for putting it up incrementally so I didn’t end up binging through the whole thing in one day.

  12. Ravens Cry says:

    The woo is hoo. Glad to have it back. *sniff* It has been too long. It may never have been completed, but it still makes me happy to see it again.

  13. Voltaggia says:

    Ahh… now, let’s see how the adventure will unfold.

  14. Ermel says:

    First time reader (yes, they do exist) coming from Shamus’ site. I’m looking forward to following this. The first one is amazing. *thumbs up*

  15. Shawn says:

    Yay for first time readers!

    And yeah, Henebry, I’m still really happy with those first few panels. I go nuts looking at how everyone talks with their mouths shut in CB though. Bad habits are bad.

  16. Jimmy says:

    Sweet. I finally get to read CB. About a year ago now I discovered DMotR and Shamus’ blog. I had a lot of free time at work so I read through all the archives and I kept seeing links to this other webcomic that Shamus wrote after DMotR. Except the links were broken. Now I finally get to see what all the fuss was about.

    Since I’m seeing it for the first time I’d just like to say, great artwork Shawn.

  17. Sam says:

    I’d say atleast do the final chapter of the comic after Shamus notes, because it is hilarious. Possible with constantly running references to all the awesome(or not so awesome) adventures they had to go trough in this decades long campaign to get to this point.

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