#3 Have Heroes, Won't Travel

#3 Have Heroes, Won't Travel

Original Text:

The GM will often present you with obvious, obtainable goals. Under no circumstances should you attempt to complete these goals. He’s planned ahead, and he knows you’re coming. Make every effort to be as random and as unpredictable as possible. The relentless chaos will ensure that the GM is just as in the dark as you are.

And then, it’s just you vs. the dice.

Shawn Says:

I loved making Casey’s map.  I lost the larger version of the file during the Great Shawn’s Computer Blew Up of ‘08, so if anyone saved a copy you absolutely should share it.  I’m fairly sure I have the original line art somewhere, but finding it, scanning it again, and tweaking the graphics aren’t high on my To Do list right now.

Fun Fact: the comic was originally in Black & White.  After a week or so, we went back and reposted the first few strips in color and went on to do the rest of the comic in full color.  There’s a story and a moral there, but I think it will wait for another day.

Fun Fact #2: once the comic archive has run through it’s entirety, you’ll be able to play the Chainmail Bikini Drinking Game.  Start with the first comic, and a case of beer.  Take a sip of beer every time I drew someone talking with their mouth closed.  It’s a bad habit I try to avoid now, and when I look back at these strips it’s just glaringly bad how no one ever opens their mouth to talk.

As a total aside, maybe Friday I’ll ramble about the fonts a bit.  I still think they were a good idea for the most part, but they were certainly a dividing factor in the original audience.

Shamus Says:

Yeah.  “Smart ones”. What a punchline. I was still stuck in the mode where panel 3 felt like the end of the set-up for the joke. Actually, I still feel like that pretty often.

Discussion (9)¬

  1. It’s almost physically painful to realize how much my real D&D group acts like these cartoon characters.


  2. Taellosse says:

    I agree that the idea behind the fonts is a good one. However, I get where those that disliked them are coming from–a couple of the fonts that were used are not the easiest to read in the world. I am accustomed to trying to read much less legible ones than that, so it didn’t bother me as much as others, but perhaps the fonts could have been chosen more with an eye towards maximum readability first, and variety between each second.

  3. Ravens Cry says:

    I never really noticed the whole closed mouth talking thing, and now I will. Curses. But in Chucks case, how could you even tell most of the time? That is a very bushy man.

  4. Blayze says:

    Can’t wait until you hit the “polygamy” strip. That one was the most hilarious one of the entire bunch.

  5. Shawn says:

    It’s one of my favorites. I’m a big fan of the Displacer Moose as well.

    I always wanted Josh’s dad to show up in a future comic. That guy is a pimp.

  6. Morineko says:

    So for this hypothetical drinking game… does it count as far as mouths being open if you can’t quite tell they -have- a mouth?

  7. Terran says:

    Only my wife knows that I’ve planned a Displacer Moose encounter for our campaign.

    OK, and anyone who reads this.

    Gads, I hope my players don’t come here.

    I love that Moose…

  8. Shawn says:

    Morineko – invisible mouths count as closed mouths for the purposes of the drinking game.

  9. Avilan says:

    Drinking game… SIP of BEER? Drinking games are shot of vodka, or glass of beer. But then I’m Swedish and we drink to much. :P