#5 Undress for Success

#5 Undress for Success

Original Text: (From Casey)

Male fighters envelop their bodies in bulky, clanking plate mail. Female fighters favor stiff metal underwear.

A male rogue will wear dark leather armor with little metal studs all over it, because nothing says “stealth” like a bunch of glittering bits of metal all over the place. Ladies in the same profession lean towards the skin-tight catsuit look, because the first step in being stealthy is apparently to make sure every able-bodied man within a hundred paces is staring at you with his mouth slightly open.

Male wizards wrap themselves in thick shapeless woolen robes that would – let’s face it – collect odors at an astounding rate. These robes would most likely be heavy, and itch like a fiberglass jockstrap. On the other hand, females who practice the arcane arts wear little strips of translucent gauze over their naughty bits.

It’s nice to see that when it comes to apparel, roleplaying games have a lot of equality: Everybody dresses like an idiot.

Shamus Says:

Since writing the above, I have explored the world of MMO gaming.  My opinion remains unchanged.

Shawn Says:

I just find it interesting how different Sapphire looks here compared to how I eventually settled on drawing her.  I think I’m going to have to side with Hot Elf Chick as opposed to Hot Elf Chick Who Kind of Looks Like a Dude With a Giant Rack.

Also, the 12 year old in me never gets tired of referring to this strip as “the arrival of the titular chainmail bikini.”

We’re one strip away from the start of ZOMGRapeDramaSplosion ‘07.  Hopefully we can accurately recap what happened and how without repeating the dramahz of two years ago.  Keep your fingers crossed and see you on Wednesday.

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Discussion (4)¬

  1. chabuhi says:

    Since I am experiencing this all for the first time I prefer not to be denied the titillating drama that reportedly ensued during the original run. Therefore I shall make every effort to supply my own. You’ve been warned.

    Seriously, it can’t be any worse than the eye-rolling drama surrounding the nasty fan-fic involving pedophilic dark elves from EQ. (Or, for that matter, 98% of Second Life.)

  2. Avilan says:


    I still argue though that unlike IRL, the chainmail bikini and it’s relatives the full metal bathing suit, the plate mail thong and the Sorceress sexy sleepwear of doom are… functional-ish. At least in theory:

    In a world where protective magic exists would you choose to wear a bulky, sweaty plate mail, like an IRL knight, or a lightweight piece of clothing with the same protection?

    (Of course if D&D was real life, I bet instead of chainmail bikinis and studded leather thongs, most women that could afford magical items would wear normal everyday practical clothing and then an amulet with Armor +3 on it).

  3. Jabor says:

    I didn’t see what was so bad about the next page, the first time through.

    But then again, I recognized it as a setup for the page after it instead of a self-contained joke in its own right, and yeah, I can see how people who took it as a standalone page might have been offended.

    I think it’s probably the best example of how you guys trying to adapt to each other’s style is going to have a rough patch or two.

    …Or maybe it’s just that some people like accusing Shamus of endorsing rape. I mean, there was that whole The Path business as well.

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