#7 Relationship Shy

#7 Relationship Shy

Original Text: (From Casey)

There is a reason you’re supposed to railroad the player characters together via the classic “tavern meeting”: Most players are selfish and unruly and likely to kill each other with their attempts at roleplaying.

Besides, that sort of thing just distracts everyone from the story you’re telling.

Shamus Says:

ZOMG RAPEGATE, part two. Of three.

Part of the problem with this arc was that I wrote it as a single comic.  I was still using my DM of the Rings approach to humor, which was to write a long absurd conversation.  (In fact, I see the exchange between Chuck and Marcus to be a lot like the meeting of Stonergorn and Lego-lass.) Then I would take the conversation and try to divide it into three-panel jokes. This is much worse than just writing a three-panel joke in the first place.  I don’t regret the grope  joke, and I’ve always felt it was a perfectly legitimate subject for a strip.  But I do regret it not being very funny.  In any case, I think there would have been less shock if people had read “both” strips together.

This one drives home the ambiguity over what was actually going on.  People were arguing over whether Ramgar raped or groped. “You don’t need improved stamina to grope”, which I think was said again in the comments to the previous strip.

But here it’s obvious that the actual events aren’t even clear to the players. Chuck had to explain to Marcus what he thought was going on, because all they had done was roll some dice that made Chuck the “winner”.  None of it was roleplayed. Chuck was simply griefing Marcus, not trying to weave a story about their characters.

Shawn Says:

I think I pretty well covered everything on Wednesday.  See you on Monday, when ZOMGRAPEGATE ‘07 hits it’s grand finale.

Discussion (8)¬

  1. SatansBestBuddy says:

    As a first time reader who only finished DMotR in ‘08 (and thus never knew this comic existed until it was gone), I have to say that this is much funnier than I was expecting, given how much the creator comments dwell on the readers over-reactions.

    I honestly don’t know what went wrong, it’s a perfectly okay rape joke that doesn’t show anything and I can’t see how anyone who’s spent enough time around a tabletop with a game on it can’t draw parallels to their own experiences and laugh it off.

    Oh well, good joke, guys, it made me laugh at least.

  2. Mark says:

    Like it or not, this is a pretty realistic exchange between male players, especially when one of them has a female character, and I for one thought it was funny. Guys make jokes like that.

    Gosh, my group even gave a guy a hard time just for having a feminine name. He was playing a male Elven paladin named Sasha. Our DM took it upon himself to call him by a different female name each time his turn came up, working his way through the alphabet. It was hilarious.

  3. rbtroj says:

    The only reason there was any controversy over that strip is because those who were “offended” wanted there to be. It is so tame and mild and such obvious farce that the real controversy is how anyone could be so obtuse as to be offended by it. And I’m not insensitive to the subject, either.

  4. Factoid says:

    I never noticed how much Sapphire resembled Beavis in some of these early strips. It’s always interesting to see where the art on a new strip starts out and where it ends up. Of course Sapphire didn’t make it that far, but she looked much better towards her end, and Jade was way hotter anyway.

  5. Wil K. says:

    Woah, woah, woah – mouth movement in panel 3?! Heresy! :P

  6. Bacon says:

    Note that Casey is also speaking with his mouth open, neh?

  7. Jenny Creed says:

    Rape or sexual assault make no real difference in my book. In either case, your genitals are forfeit.

    But since this is a fictional story with characters that don’t actually exist in the human world, I have no problem with it. In fact I laughed heartilly at the strip. It may be a fine line between fact and fiction judging by the “controverse” about these strips, but I for one have never had any problem making that distinction.

  8. Micamo says:

    My biggest problem with this sequence: What kind of DM just sits there and silently lets this play out?