#8 Live Action Ramgar Pummeling

#8 Live Action Ramgar Pummeling

Original Text: (From Casey)

LARPing is no laughing matter. If it gets to the point where your players would rather exercise than roleplay, then something has gone seriously wrong with your game.

LARPing is bad for your game and poisonous for the hobby in general. The last thing we need is to introduce elements to RPG’s that would allow the Jocks to dominate and despoil our once-great hobby.

“If you stand up, you’re LARPing” – Adam Pinilla

Shamus Says:

The end of ZOMG RAPEGATE. Whew. Glad that’s over.

Note that in the previous strip Chuck said it was “more of a second base thing”.  Now he’s saying she’s lost her virtue.  Again, this ambiguity as to what happened exists because, as far as the story goes, nothing happened.  They’re inhabiting a white void because the GM hasn’t placed them anywhere. Josh’s character doesn’t take part because he doesn’t exist yet.

If you jam the ZOMG RAPEGATE strips together they more or less form a coherent exchange.  (Notwithstanding whatever changes I made to cut the thing up.)  This is the entire conversation.  But when we cut it up, some people assume we’ve skipped something between strips – most likely the “worst” of it.

So ends this series of over-thinking and under-entertaining.  I’m really glad we didn’t have another meltdown this time.  And now we go from one of the least popular strips to one of the most popular ones. Yay!

Shawn Says:

During the week and a half between when strips #6 and 8 originally ran, we’d won back a number of readers by discussing our intentions, and then we lost them all again with Chuck’s dialogue in strip #8.  Oh yeah.

I do like how this one ends though.  Both Marcus’s retaliation with a feeble attempt at physical violence and Josh’s reply. “Die Fatbeard!” and “Hey! No LARPing!” are two of my favorite lines from the comic, regardless of how we got there.

Anyway, we’re now done with the low point of the comic, it’s all up hill from here!  (At least until Steve stays around way too long, wearing out his welcome both among the characters and the readers.)

See you next time, where we meet xXKillStealr69Xx.  Oh yes.

Discussion (10)¬

  1. gedece says:

    LOL, I remember the next strip, it’s the munchkin’s parade.

    Anyway, yes, this strip closes things up, as the retaliation somehow does phisically what we all wanted to do verbally.

    It all goes to show, it works great in a comic specifically because some of them are the kind of players we tend to stay away from in real life.

  2. Samuel Erikson says:

    I don’t have much to add beyond saying that “Die, Fatbeard!” amuses me now just as much as it did when the strip first ran.

    Oh, and some flamebait: Anyone who read these strips as condoning rape is a lackwit kobold-diddler.

  3. Wil K. says:

    @ Samuel: Hold on now, some of my best friends are kobolds….

    Overall, this worked out pretty decently; thought the extra comments from Shamus and Shawn do help – particularly the uncertainty of what’s actually happening in-game and what’s simply table (trash) talk. (Definitely know I’ve seen some confusion there before…)

  4. Samuel Erikson says:

    @Will: Nothing against the kobolds, it’s just one of those things you say to get sensitive-types riled up.

    To make a slightly more serious point: While I can understand–to some degree–the past few strips making some people uncomfortable, I don’t understand how they can be interpreted as condoning rape. I read it as condemning that type of gamer, more than anything else.
    I suppose Shawn hit the nail on the head (in the comments to the first ZOMGRAPE* GATE strip) when he said, “I think at this point a lot of fans were DMotR fans, many of whom came more from the otR side of the fence than the DM side of things.” Anyone who has spent any serious time gaming has probably (and unfortunately) come across that type.

    *And now I’m thinking about zombie grapes.

  5. Shawn says:

    I’d really rather not dog on the people who were offended and quit reading back in 2007, for the primary reason that they’re obviously not here to defend themselves.

    I’m also of the opinion that in any sort of mass media, the audience’s reaction and interpretation matters far, far more than the creator’s intentions. Unless you seperately convey your intentions (like we’ve done here), the only thing that really exists is the audience’s view. How widely that differs from what you intended can be due to cultural differences or personal beliefs or, as in the case here, fumbling the delivery.

    I think a fair metric of success is “did people ‘get’ this?”, as in, did the intent you had as a creator come across to the audience. I tend to put the burden of that on the creator and not the audience. (And sometimes the burden can be as basic as knowing or finding the audience that is in tune with what you’re trying to do.)

    Anyway, enough rambling out of me.

  6. Catbunny says:

    “Hey! No LARPing!” got me giggling the first time, too. :)

    __/^-^\__ *Miya!*

  7. krellen says:

    I still love “Die, Fatbeard!” Fatbeard is such a great description of Chuck.

  8. AA says:

    “No LARPing” is hilarious!!

    That said – without it, you may have lost me in round one after Chuck’s dialogue. The explanation of the series as a single strip definitely makes the whole thing a bit more understandable. (And, uh, I’ve gamed with one of the more pervy DM’s out there ;) )

  9. Deth Invictus says:

    If what really happens in some campaigns were on these pages…..yeah, let’s just leave it at that.

    Just…..Dark Sun…..evil PC group. ‘Nuff said.

  10. Violet Black says:

    …And now “real” violence occurs, and is actually kind of funny. :)