#9 Pwnage Personified

#9 Pwnage Personified

Original Text: (From Josh.)

At a tabletop game, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose. What matters is that you win and look awesome doing it.

Remember that the GM is not your adversary. Neither are the monsters or your fellow players. They are all but minions of your true foe: The rulebooks.

Shamus Says:

Here is the payoff  for setting the game within a fictional RPG system.  We can set up stuff like this.  You can pull off the same joke using rules from standard D&D, but then readers will think you’re lampooning the system instead of the people who deliberately work to break the system. In DMotR, I poked fun at attacks of opportunity and the grapple rules.  It led to amusing discussions, but it also led to epic debates over the meaning, purpose, and usefulness of the D&D 3.5 rules.   Here I wanted to make sure we were talking about the fact that pretty much all systems will suffer from this sort of thing.

The problem isn’t that the rulebooks aren’t “hardened” against exploits.  The problem is that you have someone at the table actively working to exploit the system.

Shawn Says:

Man, now this was a fun comic to make.  Between that sweet, sweet drawing of xXKillStealr69Xx and coming up with all of the jokes for panel 1, this was a ton of fun to do.  Also, I love how Josh just butts in with his character in the middle of Marcus choking Chuck.    Probably the first time when we were working on the comic that I just had a blast making it.   (Actually, that’s not true, the Gnome Paladin from “No Love For Shorties” sent me in to a giggling fit for days.  I just love that little guy.)

There’s a lot less to talk about when things go well than when you have a big botched joke and controversy to look back at, but that’s ok with me.

See you guys on Friday!

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Discussion (18)¬

  1. gedece says:

    This was my favorite strip for a long time in the comic series, I think almost anybody can see why. What’s ultimately funny is that there’s an entry in every rpg manual I remember stating that each rule is optional, and subject to the interpretation of the gamemaster. So, it’s really up to the GM to put a stop to this kind of behaviour by saying things like “About the rule in page 155, in this world it works this way”.

    One thing that should always be remembered is that the players propose a character for the setting, and it’s up to the GM to aprove those characters. I could make a world where there are no dark elves and gladiators don’t exist, so this character would not be admisible as it is now. The player has then to decide how to adjust the character within the new rules, or make a new one, or don’t play at all.

    The fact that he thinks he will be allowed to use it says a lot about Casey’s GM style

  2. Shamus says:

    One thing I forgot to mention is how much input Shawn had in the text for this one. Up until now it’s been mostly my words + his images, but this one was a collaboration all the way. At least half of the text was written or tweaked by Shawn.

    He’s a funny guy.

  3. Shawn says:

    Thank you sir. I really did enjoy how collaborative the comic wound up being, even if it did mean things would sometime take a really, really long time. ;)

  4. Doug Sundseth says:

    The only thing missing from the character is an umbrella. After all, if you can sneak attack whenever you are in shadows, wouldn’t it make “sense” to come prepared?

    Just sayin’.

  5. Shawn says:

    I’m trying to remember which jokes from panel 1 I made up and which were yours. I’m pretty sure the headband was me, and the Dire HellCow was you. I think I did the stat block and you did the gladiator/shadedancer rules.

  6. Voltaggia says:

    I am currently furiously searching for a forum post where the guys construct a totally legit DnD mosnter from different templates that ends up having like 100k attacks per round or something… be right back. ((If anyone knows it I’ll be grateful))

  7. Wil K. says:

    Cha 4. That one’s just a gimme.

  8. Jason says:

    Voltaggia, I believe you are referring to Pun-Pun?


  9. Blayze says:

    Yes! Almost there, to the best comic of the lot — the extended reaction to this absolute monster of a character. :D

  10. Gillsing says:

    The only thing not awesome about that character is his lame MMO-name. The barbarian and the elven priestess are way too generic. At least this guy looks special!

    Though, when it comes to rules, I don’t see a point in having them if they’re broken. And they usually are. Is it really that difficult to create rules that are simple enough that they can’t be broken? Or is it just that gamers like to have a lot of rules for a lot of options, even though it creates imbalances when the rules create a mess too complex for anyone to fully understand? I say, keep it simple, and then stick to those simple rules. The DM is probably going to fudge things anyway, so why bother with the details? :-P (I tend to not fudge things, and that usually means that PCs die a lot. I blame myself for making the challenges too hard, and the players for not fleeing for their lives.)

  11. Voltaggia says:

    Pun-pun is one of the things I meant, but there’s another example in which whole forum contributes to creating a monster by adding a plethora of templates to something… I couldn’t find that one :(

  12. DaftSkunk says:

    I can think of two Template Monsters, both created (as far as I know) in the GitP-Forums:
    The Almighty Salmon (or something), a being that was started when people tried to create a salmon that had the stats to swim a waterfall up.
    And Snuggles the Cat-god of Carnage (or something like that), which came into existence when people talked about how a common housecat could kill a commoner.

    On topic: I remembe rthese strips! Glad theire coming back. More than once I remembered the comic and tried to find it again.

  13. Avilan says:

    This was my second favorite strip of all. The guy IS awesome, but it also shows how very inept the GM.

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  15. J. says:

    Despite the fact he looks awesome (relative to the viewer), his character is actually weak if taken as is. He has a hard time moving around in daylight due to being a dark elf. His bone structure causes medical problems due to being a orge-dark elf-human. The orge claymores can’t be used to fullness due to the size of the character being around 5-7 ft and a true orge being around 10-14 ft (thus the claymores are bigger than his body, sure he can carry them, but he won’t be able to swing them effectively) His low charisma score would make him a laughing stock of the town and thus he would have a hard time gaining quests, status, respect, and so forth. Also, his low score ruins any chance he has with talking his way out of anything. I mean, the Sphinx is not gonna give you riddles to solve if you have a charisma that low. Sure, he can use two bucklers. That would make sense…if he was using small weapons. But those claymores are so large that he would not get the bonus AC from them. (A note, a human claymore is around 7ft. long, thus an orge claymore is around 14ft. long). A second note on the claymore is that he will get minuses to sneaking due to how large the claymores are. He is subject to racism due to being orge and dark elf. Those spikes, though good idea for the grapple defense, are not good when carrying weapons on back AND trying to sneak. Thus he gets even more negatives to his roll. I can go on. But I think I made the point.

    But, he does get the chance to suck badly and look “awesome” doing it, that I can’t deny.

  16. Shawn says:

    Ooooooh kay.

  17. Dio says:

    I did not laugh at this strip…

    Because of how true it was. Actually, Josh is two friends of mine, put together, which actually frightened me, soooo horribly. Inept DM or not, I feel really awful for that guy.

  18. Tohron says:

    Regarding the ridiculous attack character, I think you’re referring to this guy: http://brilliantgameologists.com/boards/index.php?topic=146.0

    And it doesn’t have 1000 attacks… it has over a million.