#11: You Can't Lead From The Rear

#11: You Can't Lead From The Rear

Original Text: (From Chuck.)

Groups can have all kinds of leaders, but if the character in charge is running around in their underwear, you’re following the wrong person.

Shamus Says:

Ah. The word “pants”.  The lazy comic writer’s instant punchline.  See also: Star Wars Lines Improved By Replacing A Word With “Pants”.

In regards to the comic, I’m obviously still using way too many words. The bubbles crowd out the art and confuse the message a bit. If I want my work to improve, I need to work to reduce my usage of pants.


Shawn Says:

I think this was a case where the multitudes of fonts didn’t help anything.  There’s a lot of text and it kind of turns in to a mess when you look at it.  This is a clear example of why we should have thought about readability and compatibility when coming up with fonts for everyone.

In general I think this strip  was fairly ‘meh”, but  I’m still amused by Josh hiding in panel 1.

This was also I think the first strip that brought about the Ramgar’s Pants speculation, a question Shamus and I hadn’t actually answered at that point, and wouldn’t reveal in the comic for quite some time.

One of the tricky things about doing a humorous, story driven comic is it can be really hard to balance the two.  You end up either telling jokes, or moving the plot along.  Sometimes, you do both.  Sometimes, like this one, you don’t particularly do either.  ;)   Since CB Shamus has gotten around this by focusing almost exclusively on jokes with Stolen Pixels, and I’ve gotten around it by making humor an aspect of Clockworks, but by no means the main goal.

Also, come back and look at this comic in like 10 or 15 strips, and just marvel at how quickly the art progressed, especially the colors and backgrounds.  My first comic was all in black and white, and rarely had backgrounds beyond a grey broken up splotch.  So these earlier strips were a very public crash course in working with color and backgrounds.  I like to think that these days I’ve gotten fairly decent at it.

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Discussion (8)¬

  1. gedece says:

    Shawn, you see it as poor art, I had a different reaction while reading this. This is the first time the characters are really into the game world, so as a roleplayer this was a milestone. But appart from that, Casey’s description was so sparse that the artwork works great, showing only generic art because it was a generic description. The no backgrounds when the characters talk also work well, as the GM didn’t describe what was around the village.

  2. Shawn says:

    I actually really enjoy the Seussian building the farmer lives in, I just wish I had plunked a sky in behind everyone. I suppose it does unintentionally work on a meta level, to capture the idea that the imaginary world is not yet fully formed due to poor GMing. I probably should have kept my mouth shut and acted like that was the plan all along. ;)

  3. Tesh says:

    Josh’s font is a little… cramped, but overall, I just don’t have a problem with either the fonts or the abundance of words. Then again, I’m used to reading *books*, archaic nut that I am.

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  7. droid says:

    I think I will burst into song for no reason.

    I’ve got no pants
    To hold me down
    To make me fret
    Or make me frown
    I had pants
    But now I’m free
    There are no pants on me

  8. TCA666 says:

    I love that line, “‘Charisma’ does not equal ‘Knowing what the hell you are doing.’”

    It’s just so true, you see. No amount of in-game mental ability scores can save a PC from stupidity on the part of the player. We learned this all too well over the course of an Exalted game a friend was running, when our Eclipse made an oath to serve a circle of Infernals for a year and a day and do their bidding.

    We pretty much had to kill him after that.