#12 The Name Game

#12 The Name Game

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Steps to naming your character in a fantasy setting:

1. Research a diverse set of mythological stories and legends.

2. Collect a list of characters who have traits or themes that you would like to explore in your own character.

3. Name the character after your favorite Jedi or Ninja Turtle.

Shamus Says:

I like how Josh is even attempting to grief them with his name.

Shawn Says:

You’ll notice this is the first time Sapphire has actually looked attractive in the comic, as opposed to like a transvestite with giant breasts.

Lazerturkey was the name of a particularly obnoxious griefing hunter in WoW.  (If he had been a druid, the name would have been stupid but it would have at least made sense.  But he was a hunter!)  Stabby McStabsalot is my personal favorite of the names mentioned.  (Although now, 2 years later it occurs to me that Stabby McStabbington is funnier.)  Baron VonBadass was a running joke from Fear the Boot, our little injoke for fans of our then home.

One odd thing that happened during the original run of Chainmail Bikini was the Fear the Boot forums had fans of the podcast, fans of the comic, and the two rarely crossed over.  After the initial podcast Shamus and I recorded to announce the comic, our interaction with the hosts was generally limited to technical matters, and the comic and the podcast generally didn’t have much at all to do with each other after a while.  We were essentially two independent groups of creators/communities under the same roof.  There’s a lesson here for future webcomic creators, in that generally this is a less than advantageous situation.

Ideally if some site brings you in to do a comic, people will not only read your comic, but become fans of the other content on the site, be it podcasts, blogs, whatever.  If you’re going to do a comic/podcast/blog/whatever combo, it would probably be a wise idea to coordinate with the other creators.  Tackle similar topics now and then, mention the other guys now and then, etc.  It’s something to keep in mind if I ever branch out from Clockworks to include other steampunk or gaming stuff.

(Now, the Escapist is something of a different story, having enough content that only those with way too much free time will read or watch everything on the site.  Still, from my view there appears to be a decent amount of coordination.)

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Discussion (11)¬

  1. Shawn says:

    For the record – for the drinking game, you will need to take a drink on each word bubble someone talks without opening their mouth, not on each panel.

  2. chabuhi says:

    One of the primary reasons I no longer play MMOs. I am by no means a stickler for roleplaying “realism”, but the tsunami of lame-ass names flooding the landscape in virtually every game you set foot in is just a testament to the fact that most people don’t give a shit about the game.

  3. Shamus says:

    I will say that the quality of the names is much higher in Champions Online compared to other MMO’s. The big reason is that you don’t have fight for names. People contact you on account-name basis, so your superhero name doesn’t have to be unique. This means you don’t have people groping for free names for five minutes, giving up, and throwing X’s before and after the desired name, only to discover THAT ONE IS ALSO TAKEN ARG!

    Eleven million people X half dozen characters a person X five years = no recognizable words available for character names.

  4. J. Beatnik says:

    That’s why my AIM screen name is in fact: Stupid not taken screen name, minus some of the vowels.

  5. PezJunkie says:

    I fall into a 3rd category, fans of FtB *and* Chainmail Bikini but not terribly interested in the joining the forum for either.

    IIRC, I found Chainmail Bikini first – by way of a Google Reader recommendation (based on my subscription to the Looking For Group RSS feed…) and then started listening to the podcast a few weeks later.

    So I guess the synergy/cross-promotion/whatever wasn’t a total failure.

  6. Susie Day says:

    yeah, me too. I went from DMotR to Chainmail Bikini to Twenty Sided and Fear the Boot. I have to be careful what new things I look at in case I get hooked and spend even more time every day on my RSS.

  7. oingy boingy says:

    this one actually made me laugh out loud the first time and now the second (this is like watching re-runs, still funny even when you’ve heard all the punchlines). and not much does, i’m far more of a smirk person.
    related but pointless story – about five years ago i’d painted a little model up for a game, fished out of a tub of broken and neglected bits i call my ‘body box’ cos it’s full of dead plastic things and parts of dead plastic things, heh. then i named him, something quite quite intelligent and with good reason. and i forgot the name. and cos i couldn’t think of what he was going to be called, i said “i’ll call him ‘body box bob’ and try to remember the proper name for next time!”. four years on, body box bob is still going strong, and still named that, and we all call him it in total seriousness, much to the bemusement of new people who don’t get why i’m allowed to have a stupid name for mine and they’re not, heh

  8. Viktor says:

    I once had an Arabic character that was 2 personalities in one body. In addition, he was traveling under an alias. So I ended up with 3 first and last names for one character, all of which were difficult for my party to pronounce, let alone remember.

    30 seconds after sending them the backstory, Duane was approved by the DM. I ended up actually naming a later character Duane in his honor.

  9. Shawn says:

    We have a running joke from Orpheus that random NPCs are always named Steve. I did it on accident a couple of times and then it stuck. In Clockworks, I commemorated this joke by naming Oliver’s police informant Private Stevens.

  10. Psalm says:

    Yeah, I was one of the many that discovered Fear the Boot through this great webcomic. However I think there were only two of us who stayed once the comic died and we are both non-Americans to boot.

  11. Greg says:

    Reading this now, I’m hoping at some point we get to see Josh yell “stop shooting me!”

    But alas, that would require a tardis.