#14 Sometimes a Spear is Just a Spear

#14 Sometimes a Spear is Just a Spear

Original Text: (From Shamus)

The rule is that Clerics are forbidden to use edged weapons. So, it’s wrong for the holy warrior to impale or slash his enemies, but just dandy for him to pound them into mush with a hammer or somesuch. This seemed odd to me, I tried to devise an alternate system where Clerics would only be forbidden to use weapons that were associated with phallic imagery.

Then I realized that, within D&D, this would pretty much force them to be a bunch of unarmed pacifists.

Shamus Says:

I am now, as I was in 2007, your perpetual source of highbrow comedy.

Pfft. Silvershaft. *Snigger*

Shawn Says:

Not too much to say on this one, except I like how Chuck Jones-ish Chuck ended up looking in panel 2.  It wasn’t particularly intentional, but I dig it.

Also, Ramgar.  *snicker*

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Discussion (13)¬

  1. Shawn says:

    Incidentally, my favorite part of this strip is Josh’s last line in panel 2 The complete and utter lack of self awareness of most of the CB characters is one of my favorite things about them.

  2. Frederick Beuttler says:

    Actually, the edged weapons thing comes from the Crusades. Priests were not allowed to shed blood, so the few who decided to fight (as well as a few especially spiritual knights) used blunt weapons to subdue rather than kill.

  3. In my Wednesday night D&D group, I play a cleric named Caducea who is a PACIFIST!

    The only weapon she uses is a magical sap that puts her foes to sleep for 10 minutes.

    Her refusal to inflict any type of direct physical harm to her opponents has lead to some VERY creative combat maneuvers involving air walking and the inherent properties of gravity.

  4. Gillsing says:

    Surely axes don’t invite phallic imagery? Unless it comes to hacking things off, but that’d be more anti-phallic. So, dwarven axe-clerics! Scary thought.

  5. Shawn says:

    When I ran Evernight a few years ago, I decided all dwarves belonged to two major factions. The Axe using dwarves and the Hammer using dwarves. There were numerous nations and clans within each faction, but the two main factions had been at war with each other for centuries.

  6. Blayze says:

    So what happened when the Mace Dwarves arrived?

  7. Avilan says:

    It all got screwed up when the humans showed them the use of cars. Now the most common murder weapon in dwarf society is the +3 double-wheeled Pickup.

  8. Carl says:

    Why would a spear be two-handed? It’s not like it’s a pike…

  9. Sydney says:

    Favorite line: “That seems overpowered.”

    I always mentally insert a beat before that when reading this: “…that seems overpowered.”

    It’s fun that even Josh is having that reaction.

  10. Chris Rivan says:

    Personally, unless I’m running a straight 1e campaign, I usually ask the player to pick a general sort of allowed and barred weapons. A cleric of a war god shouldn’t be forced to hit people with sticks, but a cleric of love might be restricted to a knife. A cleric of peace might not be able to fight at all, and be in trouble with a pissed off diety for doing so.

    I usually let the player choose, but I try for consistency within my world. Gromm, evil dwarven god, is called ‘He of the Darkened Hammer.’ His clerics are required to use the hammer, but I try not to railroad. There are plenty of ‘unknown’ minor gods that a dwarf who wants to be an evil cleric has plenty of choice.

  11. Billos says:

    AH-HA! I’ve found another comic of yours too late Shamus! And with new faces this time? Loving it already guys! More than the DMotR one. (As its the only other Ive read. Which I did over the last two hours or more).

    Anyway, top work so far.

  12. Billos says:

    Also, the Palidin thing with edged weapons? I don’t have a great experience with RP, but I remember well. The posters (Fredericks) comment on shedding blood is true, to the best of my recollection. At least, that’s what an old TSR Dragonlance book told me haha.

    No, I will not ‘Not hit post when I realise Im replying to a three/four year old comment’!

  13. DocSavage says:

    I use a different idea to explain why Clerics use the weapons they do, Symbology. The staff or sling of a shepherd, the rod of authority in the form of Maces, etc. In all cases these are allowed because the deity sees them as symbols of the cleric’s authority over the “flock.” So long as the weapon is related to such a symbol it’s acceptable. Swords are not.

    I use a similar idea for Mages. A Mage’s power is based on their belief in Magic. They are limited to weaker weapons because if they depend on the stronger ones they don’t believe in their own power and loose it. The reason they can use the weapons they do use is the simple utility of those weapons. A knife is a tool in almost all circumstances, from eating to carving. The staff is useful for walking etc and over the centuries became associated with Mages so much that it’s part of their belief instead of counter to it.

    Of course when my players did try to use weapons outside their class, the things they had to do to get their powers back became legendary. Nobody tries it now. =)