#17 Setting the Stage

#17 Setting the Stage

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Players expect the game world to make sense. They want verisimilitude. They want carefully planned characters with believable motivations. They want arduous attention to detail.

Unless you’re talking about loot, in which case they think nothing of getting a $1,000 Longsword in exchange for rescuing a $5 pig.

Shamus Says:

Part of this joke was that the sign was supposed to be illuminated by a nearby torch or lantern. It was just one more nonsense trope to make the scene even more absurd. Who lights and refills this lantern and why?

I didn’t make it clear in my notes, and Shawn changed the lamplight to moonlight in the process of drawing the strip. This is the only change Shawn ever made that wasn’t an improvement. Since this was part of the punchline, it sort of took a bit of the “heh” factor out of the joke.

Then again, if it had been at all funny Shawn probably would have recognized it as such and included it in the joke, so…

Shawn Says:

I actually still find this one pretty funny.  Not so much for the punchline, but for the dialogue leading up to it.  But then, I’m a big fan of comics that just have characters acting naturally and the humor results from that, not neccesarily because you set up jokes and have a punchline at the end.  (Get Fuzzy is easily my favorite example of what I’m thinking of.)

Also, people generally reacted very favorably to the silhouettes, which amused me as they’re so much easier to draw.  I think after Clockworks ends in like 5 years, I’m going to do the Complete Shadowpuppet Adventures of Silhouette City.

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Discussion (5)¬

  1. To be fair, I’ve seen old cemeteries in the middle of nowhere in rural Michigan. Even as a kid, I wondered just how the heck the cemetery go all the way out there.

    But that’s ok… I’m still laughing at “Princess Panties”.


  2. I think the reason why the silhouette is so effective in this comic is that it exemplifies the way most people play their groups as if they were all joined at the hip.

  3. Didub says:

    I think it looks nice to draw them with their mouths closed when they’re arguing. It looks more incongruous the happier they are though.

  4. Shawn says:

    Yeah, panel 2 here works, partly because there’s just so much dialogue. You’re capturing the overall mood of the debate, not a single moment of someone talking. No excuse for the other hundred or so times I could have drawn someone’s mouth open. ;)

  5. Lex-Kat says:

    I loved this comic series when it was first published in `07. I just happened upon the repostings today.

    I always thought Chuck’s sigh was over the cemetary name: Abandoned Cemetary. Though, I think it would have been better with the lit torches or lamps. :p