#18 An Irresistible Source of Brains

#18 An Irresistible Source of Brains

Original Text: (From Chuck)

There are no original stories, characters, or plot devices anymore. The best you can do is try to find the one that sucks the least.

(And then milk it for all it’s worth.)

Shamus Says:

Ivy’s flying companion Fitzpatrick is 100% Shawn’s invention. He’s never named or spoken of in the comic, but he’s wonderfully funny and iconic.

Shawn Says:

Man, I love Fitzpatrick.  Maybe one day I’ll do Fitzpatrick’s Adventures in Silhouette City.  I figured Ivy needed a familiar, and this little toothy demon bat guy just came in to being.  Keep an eye on him, mostly he just floats there looking chompy, but sometimes he will make faces or reflect Ivy’s mood.

Also, I love Josh’s line in panel 1.

Also #2, I actually agree a good deal with the Chuck commentary that originally ran with this comic.  I’m a huge fan of tvtropes.org (CB is on there a couple of places, DMotR too I think.  As far as I know, Clockworks isn’t mentioned anywhere yet, Stolen Pixels might be), and I love knowing enough about the classic tropes and cliches to have an idea when to subvert them and when to go for them wholeheartedly.

Discussion (8)¬

  1. Spluckor says:

    So are there mouths considered closed in the first panel or open? I need to know if I need to drink right now :)

  2. Shawn says:

    Just imagine they are open. Unless you’re too sober.

  3. lorddematti says:

    My first thought was “What in the **** is wrong with her fingers??”, but then the d&d player woke up and suddenly i saw extremely useful weapon.

    If we assume that normal damage for small pointy things is something like 1d1/1d2/1d3 piercing, but critical (eyes) would do 1d20 + blindness. THAT is The Weapon for humiliating boss kills.

    …I would name them “The Bane of Beholders”

  4. Kojiro says:

    Hey, if you don’t count the silhouettes and turned heads (i.e. only go by shown faces), this comic is worth zero drinking-game shots. That might be a first; I’m too lazy to go back and check.

    Also wow, Marcus gets one in on Chuck in the end, weak as it may be. Might be another first, LARPinng excluded.

  5. Guru G. says:

    Ok, might be showing my poor third edition knowledge here, but does anyone know what spell Ivy’s using here? My best guess was magic missile.

    @Kojiro: If we assume Chuck and Marcus had their mouths open on October 14th, we could count that one too.

  6. Don J says:

    I had the problem described here and I am just now catching up (although I did read every strip during the original run).

    I had forgotten this strip entirely, and this was a brilliant LOL for me. Casey’s partially obscured descriptive text and Ivy’s comment in the second panel were great, and the facial expressions and unified “Brains!” from the zombies in panel 3 are pure gold. I think this is another strip where the writing and art meshed together brilliantly!

    Also, I’m thankful for your comments about Fitzpatrick — I know I didn’t pay attention to him during the original run, and I’ll be sure to correct that oversight from here forward.

  7. Grom says:

    We are just getting to know Ivy and I already like her. She makes me think of Mortisha of the “Addams family” Prim and Proper speech and all.
    Great job guys!

  8. moxicity says:

    This got me to thinking. Actually, my DM came up with a pretty great way to introduce a character whose player joined us on the 2nd session: we came by a figure slumped over by the roadside, seemingly sick and a pot with some unknown medicine boiling in it. We wrangled together the knowledge of how to finish the potion correctly and fed it to him, but then we had to reconcile the dilemma of whether we could trust this random dude trying to make a pretty suspicious potion by the road. So… on the one hand, we HAD to have him join our party – we couldn’t leave the fourth player’s PC just lying around :P on the other, we had no reason to trust or travel with him.