#19 I'm Sure You'll Fit Right In

#19 I'm Sure You'll Fit Right In

Original Text: (From Chuck)

Adding a new PC to the party means inviting an unknown and dangerous-looking stranger to join your group of otherwise paranoid and greedy adventurers. There’s pretty much no way to roleplay it so that it doesn’t sound stupid.

Imagine if someone did this to you in real life: You’re walking down the street and bump into a three random guys who invite you to to join in on assault and robbery; offering you a one-quarter stake in everything and a very real chance at severe bodily harm, without bothering to ask for your name or qualifications.

It’s ridiculous. That sort of thing never happens unless you’re in Detroit.

Shamus Says:

The title “I’m sure You’ll Fit Right In” is actually a super-obscure game quote. At the opening of Morrowwind, a soldier asks you to identify yourself, a question which leads to the character creation dialog. No matter what you pick – from a common human to a cat-man to a lizard woman, the soldier says, “Great, I’m sure you’ll fit right in” when you’re done. He says it in this sarcastic tone of voice and I still laugh when I hear it.

But how obscure can a quote be before it’s no longer a subtle reference but just obsessive fanboy wanking?

About this obscure, I’d say.

Shawn Says:

In panel 1, Josh is singing the Final Fantasy victory music, because that’s the sort of thing Josh would do.

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Discussion (16)¬

  1. -F. says:

    Wow, I got the obscure reference for once.
    Actualy, I’ve got fond memories of that quote from the time I betatested the (awesome) Black Mill mod. A bug in one of the early versions allowed you to pick all kinds of random objects to use as your face at character creation. Hearing the soldier say “I’m sure You’ll Fit Right In” to my jug-headed character was priceless..

  2. John says:

    Huh. Didn’t get the morrowwind obscure quote, but I totally sounded out and deduced the final fantasy music! :D

  3. Spluckor says:

    I never noticed Fitzpatrick the first time I read this comic. I think I was blind or something, now that I do notice him I think he’s my favorite character now.

  4. Blayze says:

    Isn’t it actually “Dun duh duh duh da dun duh duh daa”?


    I’m sure there’s an extra sound in there.

  5. Capt Dom says:

    @Blaze> seconded. (and I woulda got it too, meh)

  6. Shawn says:

    Man, there is no way I’m going back and changing anything now. ;)

  7. Rodrigo says:

    ah man, morrowind.
    thought of it as soon as i saw the title. heh.
    i’ve also started playing it again, and it’s still good.

  8. didub says:

    For some reason I love Sapphires hands in the last panel, I’m not sure why…

  9. Scott says:

    I, too, immediately thought of the Morrowind intro when I saw the title.

  10. Psalm says:

    @Blayze: Haha! That’s the exact reaction on the FtB forums when that strip first went up. I guessed what Shawn was getting at and then all in Sundry implied that Shawn had actually got it wrong and that’s why they couldn’t guess it. Heaven forbid that the anonymous internet drones could be wrong. :P

  11. Galenloke says:

    I got the morrowind reference too but wasn’t sure if it was intentional. That said it’s now hilarious. Yay subtle references!

  12. moxicity says:

    Oh…yeah. I just commented on the last comic that I thought it was a pretty original situation when it happened to me :D hah. The narcissism of a d&d player! Of course, I was also playing my first evar game of d&d.

  13. stalinhater says:

    I can’t believe I didn’t spot the Morrowind reference. Great comic btw, glad you brought it back.

  14. Aldowyn says:

    Morrowind opening? Obscure? What?

  15. I am so happy that you guys are coming to 4 cities in Alabama!! Can’t Wait!! Freak Nasty.

  16. taraswanwing says:

    Ha! This is just wonderful. We were running a new campaign today, and as the characters are walking down the street, this dwarf bursts out of the inn and starts shouting about how noble the enterprise of adventure is. One character joined him, and started earnestly discussing how great adventuring is. The other character…
    “I’m gonna…run away….”
    Unfortunately, she didn’t escape.