#51 Some Friendly Advice

#51 Some Friendly Advice

Shawn Sez:

And here’s where it ended, more or less.  This wasn’t the original plan to end the series.  I had become horribly burnt out on doing the comic, and we posted this comic to lead in to a hiatus.  Said hiatus ended up becoming permanent.  We will not be reposting the “Hey, the hiatus is finally going to end! Oh no it totally won’t, the comic is ending forever” strips that followed this one a month or two later.  The basic story is after some time away, I decided I was ready to get back in to the groove.  And then as we were plotting and drawing what would have been comic #52, I realized that no I really was not.  I probably should have realized that before telling the world we were coming back, but live and learn.

A few random art notes: I love how Ivy has a Fitzpatrick backpack.  I like to imagine she bought it at Hot Topic, that in the CB universe, not only is D&D&D available in gaming stores, but Fitzpatrick is some kind of cute goth icon.  Also, this is probably the worst I ever drew Ivy.  Man, she looks horrible in this comic, especially the panel where she’s looking away.  She looks like some sort of horrible, horrible Ctrl+Alt+Delete character.  Ugh.

Anyway, I think the new final comic we’re going to leave you guys with next week will be a much better cap to the series.   Which reminds me, I need to finish drawing it so Shamus can make it funny…

Shamus Says:

That frame of Ivy? That Shawn hates so much and says it looks like a CAD hackjob? That’s my favorite pic of her in the entire series. This is why Shawn and I never had a falling out: The ways in which we misunderstand each other are far too comical for anyone to get upset over.

Over the next couple of days I’ll be posting the ending to this thing. That is, I’ll be posting all of my notes on where the story was intended to go and how it all turned out. I’d had the final battle sketched out before we even made the first comic, and hopefully you’ll find it a satisfying way to bring the tale to a close. It should be better than leaving the story hanging, anyway.

Discussion (13)¬

  1. Shawn says:

    Re Ivy:

    You are a crazy person.

  2. MintSkittle says:

    Wasn’t there a comic where Marcus accidentally set his character sheet on fire? Or did I just imagine that?

  3. BlckDv says:

    Wow; during first run I totally missed the green cast to Casey and assumed his medical nonsense in panel three was a desperate effort to cover up that he was not sick at all, and just didn’t want to deal with the party for a while…. kind of changes things.

  4. Rick W says:

    That’s part of the wrap-up notes.

  5. didub says:

    MintSkittle, that was in the text-only ending that Shamus posted. He did a really detailed job describing that one, about how the power went out so they were using candles and everything.

    I love the Fitzpatrick backpack. I totally glanced over him during the original run.

  6. Ravens Cry says:

    Man, I get a tight feeling in my chest thinking about this comic, and now it’s over. It is nice that it is back on line ,but. . .*sniff, it’s over.

  7. Rick W says:

    …with two years’ hindsight, it occurs to me that having the last strip’s punchline be a joke about euthanasia is either really, really funny, or really, really wrong.

  8. Kdansky says:

    Shawn is right, this is not his best Ivy :P

  9. Marianne says:

    I love the ever-so-slight smile on Ivy’s face when Casey mentions Josh in the last panel. Particularly in regards to the post-comic, Where-Are-They-Now tidbits.

  10. KremlinLaptop says:

    It really is like in the third panel the drunken ‘lookatmeI’mIRISH’ spirit of Tim Buckley found your usually rather capable hands, Shawn, and infected them with all too much B^U.

    Other than that? I’mma miss ChainmailBikini as much as I did when the original run ended.

  11. Grom says:

    I have to say, I thought Ivy looked her best in this strip.

    I just found this strip today, and now it’s done. Thanks for this guys, I enjoyed it.

  12. Lex-Kat says:

    Aaaand again…. it is over. :(

    Well, thanks for reposting it guys. I loved the new commentary. It helped explain a lot.