#20 Girlfriend, PLEASE

#20 Girlfriend, PLEASE

Original Text: (From Ivy)

What a man says:

“Through roleplaying, I want to explore the reality of the female experience and gain a better understanding of what it means to be a woman.”

What he means:

“I like lesbians”.

Shawn Says:

Color!  Look! Our heroes exist in a place with a sky and land, not some mysterious nebulous white void!  It’s very exciting.

In the original script from Shamus, Ramgar was I think bowing to Lucretia.  The change to a kneel and hand kiss was done mainly so that we’d keep his pants hidden, because at this point the subject of whether or not Ramgar was wearing pants was something of debate among the fans.  It brought about all kinds of mostly unintended repercussions.  Was Chuck hitting on Ivy? Was this horribly out of character for Ramgar?

I tend to think that Chuck reacted so negatively to Sapphire not because Marcus was playing a female character, but because the artsy new guy made such a ridiculous oversexed half naked female character.  So he figured his barbarian would hit on her.   Then once an actual female shows up, he’s a perfect gentleman, because that’s how you act around women.  (The irony here, that fans picked up on but we never outright mention in the comic, is that Ramgar is every bit as ridiculous and overly sexualized as Sapphire.  The guy’s half naked and one big penis joke after the last.)

So, would Chuck have groped Sapphire if Ivy was around yet? I don’t know, probably not.  And now it occurs to me that I have perhaps grossly overthought the motivations for characters that I wasn’t even writing.

Shamus Says:

I hadn’t really thought about out-of-game relationships / tension very much before this point. At most, I imagined we’d have a bit of unrequited flirting on the part of Marcus, like we see here.

Shawn actually suggested that Ivy might dig Josh. I really liked this idea, since it set up a love triangle that goes nowhere: Marcus » Ivy » Josh. It also promised to give Ivy a bit more depth. She’s otherwise strong and intelligent (The smartest person at the table, in my view.) and giving her a weakness for the “bad boyfriend” archetype would give me a convenient way to make her do foolish things if the need arose. But none of that thinking really went anywhere. I was also a little gun-shy and averse to trying new things after the rough start, and I’d never written any romance before. Not even as a joke.

And as Shawn says above, I think it was important to give a lot of contrast between how Ramgar treats Lucretia vs. Sapphire. And like snapping another dude with a wet towel in the locker room, I don’t think Chuck would have launched ZOMGRAPEGATE if Ivy had been around.

Shawn Says:

The other reason Josh and Ivy work for me is because iirc they’re the two youngest characters at the table.  Plus the love triangle would have been funny, had the comic lasted long enough to let it play out.  (Also, if the comic lasted much, much longer than it did, I wanted to have Marcus’s ex girlfriend show up, who would be a busty blonde with indie rock glasses who was completely bitchy.)

Clockworks is going to have some romance, although it’s going to take ages to play out at the pace the story goes.  I’ve already had a few fans commenting on who they want to hook up with who, which amuses me to no end.  The fact my comic has shippers just makes me happy.  As far as I know, Shamus has not yet added any romantic subplots to his post CB creations, although there’s still time for Dr. Breen and Metrocop to admit their secret and forbidden love.

Discussion (5)¬

  1. didub says:

    I like how Lucretia goes from the new person to being joined at the hips with all the other party members.

  2. Doug Sundseth says:

    I’m not sure what it might be, but I must say that I rather like the idea of a “GRAPEGATE”.

  3. jonesy says:

    … and they ate Sir Robin’s minstrels.

    Group travel pics like this always make me think of that.

  4. Shawn says:

    Jonesy – why, that’s exactly why I did it that way. :)

  5. MidnightDStroyer says:

    I like that “island of Lesbos” joke in there…Back when I was younger, I used to claim to be a lesbian trapped in a man’s body. Some people don’t get the joke & look at me funny, so I have to point out that it IS possible for even men to originate from Lesbos Isle…THEN they’d collapse into a gibbering heap of melted neurons.