#22 Respect the Unexpected

#22 Respect the Unexpected

Original Text: (From Chuck)

Your Game Master may leave subtle clues in the game to direct the players towards predesigned goals and into intended conflicts. Take careful note of these nonverbal hints and directions and for the love of Crom don’t do any of them.

What are you, a child or something?

Shamus Says:

I remember when this originally ran there were dozens of comments from people pointing out all of the holes in Chuck’s plan. Their GM instincts were kicking in and trying to yank Chuck back into line.

The real problem is that Casey here is slow on his feet. (A fatal flaw in a GM.) Sure, a decent GM would just say the Goblins have a back door, but Casey is not a decent GM. He doesn’t have “backdoor” in his notes, so he doesn’t have one in the world.

This is actually a common problem even for good GM’s: The players do something you didn’t intend, and you fail to adapt. Then hours after the game ends you suddenly realize a half dozen ways you could have better handled the situation to make it more fun or more interesting.

It really is hard to stay ahead of four other people all the time, even with the world-shaping GM powers at your disposal.

Shawn Says:

Not much to add, except I’m fond of the last line.

Discussion (9)¬

  1. Jabor says:

    Do I see pants in the top panel?

  2. Gillsing says:

    I see a belt, and what could be pants. Or a loincloth. Or a skirt.

    And I once played a mercantile barbarian. In Diablo 2.

  3. Shamus says:

    Yes, you see pants. Unless those are shorts. Or briefs. Or a kilt.

  4. Caffiene says:

    Pants, loincloth, skirt, shorts, briefs, kilt.
    Or a particularly deep patch of mud on the way to the goblin cave.

  5. SatansBestBuddy says:

    So… belt confirmed!

  6. Heron says:

    I would have said “ok, go ahead”. Then, while they’re camping, all $80 worth of goblin miniatures surround them…

  7. Sydney says:

    Was that last line a reference to DMotR? Is Casey the same DM who flooded the DMotR gang with orcs (and two trolls)?

  8. Kevin says:

    My DM style is completely dynamic with little planning beyond simple ideas; there’s nothing obvious or predictable, because it’s made up on the spot. It keeps the players in character-mode and on their toes.

  9. rangerjohn says:

    The main problem with Chuck’s plan doesn’t even call for changing anything. What is the mission? Rescuing the farmer’s pigs. What would you do if out of food and had two porkers in the room with you? No pigs, no reward.