Bonus: The More Things Change…
April 12th, 2010

Bonus: The More Things Change…

Shamus Says:

This comic was made backwards. In days of yore, I’d write a joke, then Shawn would draw it. This one came art-first, the webcomic equivalent of a breech birth.

This comic grew in the making. It began as a few ideas that we’d kept from the original run but never got to use. We batted these ideas back and forth, but none of them felt worthy of being a final strip. Then Shawn drew this square kilometer of art and I felt the need to do it justice in words. (Compare this strip to the first one to see just how far he’s come.)

Each of us had about a dozen jokes we wanted to jam into this final strip, and it took a while to find a set that we were both happy with, that worked together, and that matched the art.

This is sort of a snapshot of what we had wanted to do with the series. When they were done with Deuse Baaj, they would have moved on to Star Wars or vampires or steampunk or pirates or whatever else.

Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading.

Shawn Says:

And there you have it!  I’m going to stick by our theory that the wait was entirely deliberate, and meant to evoke early 2008.

If you’re curious, from my end, this comic took between 20 and 30 hours from start to finish.  For reference, the average Clockworks page takes between 4 and 6 hours.

If you’d like to see a much, much larger view of today’s comic, sans word bubbles, it is the current vote incentive for Clockworks over on  That’s right, I’m bribing you all to go vote for my other comic by putting up something you want to see for this comic.  I’m a bad man.

Anyway, this brings our adventure in Chainmail Bikini to a close.  Hope you’ve enjoyed it.  Feel free to chat with Shamus or myself on his blog or my comic.  Later!

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Discussion (54)¬

  1. Shawn says:

    Thank you! (He says like a month later)

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  3. Todd says:

    Which game is being played in the second-to-last panel?

    Thanks for doing this comic! I missed it when DMotR first wrapped up.

  4. ZM says:

    Oooh! (waves hand) I know that one!
    It’s the characters from Shawn’s “Clockworks”!