Bonus: The More Things Change…
April 12th, 2010

Bonus: The More Things Change…

Shamus Says:

This comic was made backwards. In days of yore, I’d write a joke, then Shawn would draw it. This one came art-first, the webcomic equivalent of a breech birth.

This comic grew in the making. It began as a few ideas that we’d kept from the original run but never got to use. We batted these ideas back and forth, but none of them felt worthy of being a final strip. Then Shawn drew this square kilometer of art and I felt the need to do it justice in words. (Compare this strip to the first one to see just how far he’s come.)

Each of us had about a dozen jokes we wanted to jam into this final strip, and it took a while to find a set that we were both happy with, that worked together, and that matched the art.

This is sort of a snapshot of what we had wanted to do with the series. When they were done with Deuse Baaj, they would have moved on to Star Wars or vampires or steampunk or pirates or whatever else.

Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading.

Shawn Says:

And there you have it!  I’m going to stick by our theory that the wait was entirely deliberate, and meant to evoke early 2008.

If you’re curious, from my end, this comic took between 20 and 30 hours from start to finish.  For reference, the average Clockworks page takes between 4 and 6 hours.

If you’d like to see a much, much larger view of today’s comic, sans word bubbles, it is the current vote incentive for Clockworks over on  That’s right, I’m bribing you all to go vote for my other comic by putting up something you want to see for this comic.  I’m a bad man.

Anyway, this brings our adventure in Chainmail Bikini to a close.  Hope you’ve enjoyed it.  Feel free to chat with Shamus or myself on his blog or my comic.  Later!

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Discussion (54)¬

  1. pirmas says:

    Very nice. I like the Sir Auron/Marcus character from panel 5, especially since my girlfriend and I have been playing through FFX. Thanks guys, it was fun while it lasted.

  2. Shawn says:

    Thanks for reading. I’m just glad the comic has a more permanent home now, and we had a chance to end it (finally) on a high note.

  3. GreyDuck says:

    I honestly couldn’t tell you whether the Clockworks riff or the “kill all the sparkly vampires” riff killed me more dead. Either way: Dead, you have killed me it, with the funny.

    A high note indeed. Thank you both, Shawn & Shamus, for this lovely parting gift.

  4. neothoron says:

    That was a good rerun at least.
    I particularly liked to see how much Ivy changed in two years. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a bunch of [forum |gr]avatars based on that comic.

  5. Meredith says:

    This was a good way to end the series. I can picture them going on like this for years and years and it makes me laugh. Thanks for finally posting it and for re-posting the whole series.

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  7. BarGamer says:

    Epic ending, dude. Yay for Twi’lek Jedi!

  8. Ravens Cry says:

    And so it ends. I have waited so long for this day. And it has come.
    Kill me now, I can die content.

  9. Philip says:

    I like that Marcus’s and Josh’s shirts don’t change over the years.

  10. Gillsing says:

    Ho ho ho! Looks like Clockworks-Josh could use a couple of clockwork arm-contraptions to pull the bowstrings on both of those Ironian battle bows. :-)

  11. Brian says:

    It’s good to see that Ivy’s grown her hair out, and is showing her natural color instead of dying it black.

    Y’know, purple.

    Snark aside, congrats!

  12. Neil says:

    This was amazing. I love the Clockworks homage.

    Excellent work, and a fitting end to a great comic.

  13. Michael B says:

    Didn’t know about this webcomic the first time around, but having eagerly read all of it – that was an awesome thing. Many thanks!

  14. Chuck says:

    I too just found this and went back and read all of it. Though a couple of the comics are missing for some reason, I really enjoyed it.

    This final comic seems like the perfect note.

  15. James says:

    I also was reading this comic for the first time with this rerun. Thanks for putting the time into it! :-)

  16. Jabor says:

    Man, love the clockworks reference. This is awesome.

    Also count chuck is cool too.

  17. Kerezteny says:

    The transition of their appearances is great. I like that not only does Josh’s shirt not change, but it fades between the two panels. It’s a really nice touch. The Jedi-Jedi-Jedi-Jedi thing made me giggle forever.

    The only thing this comic is missing a Call of Cthulhu homage. :3

  18. Marianne says:

    Love the Clockworks nod (and I went to vote and see the unscripted version). I love the little tweaks in the characters as well. Ivy’s new look is great, and somehow, Marcus doesn’t look as hapless anymore. Poor Chuck is getting older and Josh… is Josh. I will miss them, but this is a great send-off. Thanks, guys.

  19. Shawn says:

    Jabor – the official name is Count Chuckula.

  20. Shawn says:

    Also, glad you’re all enjoying it. I really think sending our gang off to play terrible, dysfunctional games for eternity is the best way to end things.

  21. SatansBestBuddy says:

    I love how Josh’s shirt fads and he gets a pot belly over the years.

    It’s just so… likely.

    Anyway, great comic, and I am sorely disappointed that this didn’t turn into a chance to start it up again, and instead proved to be the chance to bury it once and for all.

  22. Master Jedi says:

    That was awesome. I like how Marcus thinks that the Clockwork campaign is more silly that a cyborg Jedi made from the cloned brain of the emperor, and a cyborg/vampire/werewolf/ninja. Also, I want one of those Red Dwarf shirts.

    Great end to the series, Thanks!

  23. Avilan says:

    Is that a TOPLESS Twi’lek Jedi? :P

    Seriously, I laughed hard at the Vampire game one… and then the Clockworks one was even better!

  24. Thomas says:

    Still waiting on the old character profiles…..:)

  25. AA says:

    Wow .. all I can say is *love* !!

    That and, Ivy’s new glasses area spectacular :}

  26. Shawn says:

    Thomas – good luck with that.

  27. FUnkMAser says:

    It’s unfortunate that such a great comic won’t continue, but it was great while it lasted. =D

  28. SteveDJ says:

    I was around and reading the first time through, except I somehow missed the last half-dozen or so strips. But it has been a lot of fun re-reading these, and I love this wrap-up.

    Just one thing that you really do need to add — an Archive list. That is, a page with links to all of the strips in list form. Right now, if I want to go back to some strip in the middle, I have to either next/prev my way around, or try to find the month it was posted (which will get harder as time passes).

    Thanks again.

  29. Shawn says:

    You mean the page linked at the top that says ARCHIVE?

  30. Tesh says:

    This is a perfect endcap. A wholehearted round of applause and some genuine laughs from this corner of the peanut gallery.

    Thanks, guys!

  31. SteveDJ says:

    Re: Archive

    …doh! Ok, so I’m used to seeing such a button mixed with the First|Prev|Next|Last set of buttons, such that I didn’t see it up there at the top. (And, by the way, you should have the First|Prev|Next|Last buttons above the image as well as below, so one can maneuver without having to scroll each page). :-)

  32. Shawn says:

    I hate to break it to you, but at this point I’m not touching the page design of this comic.

  33. Didub says:

    I like the Chuck wookie, and that Josh wears a headband in all of them.

  34. Shawn says:

    You know what’s funny? I did the headband without even really thinking about it. It was just an ingrained part of any of Josh’s characters, like Marcus playing a hot chick or Chuck’s character having an orange beard, or Ivy’s character being dark and mysterious.

  35. Christine says:

    LOVE that there is a Red Dwarf t-shirt.
    Gazpacho soup probably wouldn’t taste any better warm than it does cold.

  36. Shawn says:

    If you missed the comic last week, fear not it is back in all it’s glory. My entire site was down thanks to a malware hack that infected a ton of sites hosted by Network Solutions, including The site has been moved to a new hosting company, and all should be well.

  37. SUP says:

    The best part I liked of this type of comic is that the text style of each character IC matched with the character OC.

    I have seen other web-comics that tries to show both and IC and OC, but they all get confusing for the audience when you try to match up the IC character to the OC character.

  38. Bryan says:

    Actually Primus, that is Josh’s character. Marcus, I believe, is the guy constantly roleplaying as women.

  39. Aldowyn says:

    That was entertaining. So much potential that didn’t quite make it though… I’m a bit spoiled by the awesomeness of the webcomics I read. DMotR, Darths&Droids (there was some end text a couple days ago that I laughed so hard at…), OotS… that’s about it.

    I can see Shamus chafing with the whole art thing – he’s done a lot of screencap stuff, and it’s absolutely hilarious.

  40. Venalitor says:

    I crave the viewing and reading of ALL of those campaigns… you guys are too good. dangling a really hilarious comic with pleasant visuals in front of us and hinting at so much more that will, as you said, never be!

  41. Venalitor says:

    now off to view another that I will also be displeased at the ending of.
    what did happen to stolen pixels anyway?
    just got more and more infrequent and now it’s not even on the right of The Escapist.

  42. taraswanwing says:

    Ai! Ahahahaha! Just came back and realized the Clockworks references! Heehee…and the strange thing is, the type of characters fits in, but the actual personalities are either pretty similar or vastly different!

  43. Read through the comics in one go and I have to say I found them quite enjoyable.

  44. Billos says:

    Just read DMotR and then this. Excellent work although I like this comic much more :)

    Anyway, yeah. I can’t think of any other ways to say this was great so um yeah. Good work!

  45. Dasick says:

    Every once in a while I re-read this. And every time I am completely amazed to learn that you stopped before going in the tunnels. Shawn’s artwork is so vivid and striking, and Shamus’ writing is so fluid, I can “remember” strips that were never written. I can “recall”, with clarity, Deus falling, Ivy, chucking the potion, the way Jade looks, Josh giving stabbing Deus the last stab, the whole gnome Palladin interaction.

    Even now, after I’m finished I’m kinda fuzzy as to where the comic actually ended. Well done guys. I’ll come back in a bit :)

  46. Shawn says:

    Dasick – why thank you!

  47. Lex-Kat says:

    Again, thank you Shamus and Shawn. I loved reliving this comic. I was so sad to see it end the first time. This ending is much better than the original.

  48. n00b f00 says:

    I just read the whole thing for the first time in one sitting, and it’s really really good. Like everyone else said. Between the consistency in the art and tone, and the write up. It’s not hard to visualize what it might have been like. It’s too bad that the comic didn’t go for longer, and that we aren’t currently reading about the different silly campaigns. But this ending is as good as it gets. Great work, the bonus strip is really amazing and nails it perfectly. Thanks for the effort.

  49. Shawn says:

    Lex-Kat and n00b f00 – thank you both very much! glad you enjoyed it. :)

  50. Stevonicus says:

    Just finished rereading for the fourth or fifth time and it is still as great as i remember. Kudos to you both for the excellent work.