#24 The Munchkin Savant

#24 The Munchkin Savant

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Goblins are the most disposable of fantasy foes. Pity a species which lives adjacent to, and derives all of its food from, its chief predator.

Shamus Says:

I forget how this joke came about, but I’m sure it was a response to forum feedback. Whenever the players pulled something really outrageous, people would posts their lists of reasons why, in a sane universe, the idea wouldn’t work or would make things worse. Someone probably pointed out that unarmed goblins shouldn’t be worth any XP, and so here we have Josh’s answer.

The only problem here is that he’s trying to double-dip and get XP for defeating the same monsters twice. I consider outsmarting and trapping a tribe of goblins to be just as valid and worthy of XP as fighting them in direct melee, but Josh is actually trying to get XP for doing both.

I love the idea of intimidating someone into accepting a weapon. It’s a hilarious abuse of in-game mechanics to accomplish out-of-game goals. I’m also amused by the image of him working his way down the line of goblins, doing this to each one.

Shawn Says:

I kind of wish now I left out the line about rolling a 20.  That was my addition, because at the time we had a couple of forumites who would nitpick every single game rule thing in the comic, so I wanted to cut them off at the pass.  It seems unnecessary now, but hey.  (If you want to, we can assume in D&D&D that Intimidation is based on either Charisma or Strength.  aaand done!)

Also, I love Grak.  I did make the goblins inordinately cute and sympathetic in these comics, for I think obvious reasons.  It should also be noted his line in panel 2 is a reference to the Gurgi.  Because I’m a bad person.

Grak’s appearance here spawned GRAK – the Goblin Rights Advocacy Komittee.  Up until Steve showed up with his infamous shirt, GRAK stuff was easily the big seller on the CB store.  It’s all still there btw if you need any GRAK buttons or shirts.  Hopefully Shamus still remembers our cafepress logins, in case anyone actually buys anything.

GRAK has been resurrected, and is an official part of the Clockworks canon.  You can see GRAK graffiti here and here, and I expect the organization will show up in the Clockworks RPG at some point.

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Discussion (5)¬

  1. Ermel says:

    I love the line “That is … ingeniously idiotic.” Don’t know why, but it put a big grin on my face.

  2. AA says:

    @Ermel: Agreed! I can hear the tone in his voice .. slightly disgusted with a mixture of vague amusement and admiration.

  3. Tesh says:

    Is it bad that I got the Gurgi reference without a reminder?

    Poor Grak.

  4. AnZsDad says:

    AA. I think I have my character speech bubbles correct, meaning your comment should have read “…the tone in HER voice…”. Pretty sure that’s Ivy. :)

    I feel for Grak.

  5. dragon8writer says:

    I see Munchins and Crunchins, and all I can think of is The Chronicles of Prydain…