#28 Something For Everyone. Almost.

#28 Something For Everyone. Almost.

Original Text: (From Casey)

Killing off a player character is like euthanizing rabid Old Yeller: It’s messy, someone will probably cry, and likely as not the whole thing will come back to bite you in the end.

Shamus Says:

I still think of Cap’n Crunch when I see these images.

Shawn Says:


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  1. The Crusader of Metal says:

    I liked the Phoenix Down reference, altough I never really had a clear image of it in my mind.

  2. Nate says:

    Yeah, I always struggle with this as a DM. Do I give them stuff they can use or random stuff they have to sell to get stuff they can use (which takes more precious gaming time). My favorite is to give them stuff they can use, but isn’t classic “+1″ loot, like bracers that give the wearer scent or twin broaches that detect each other. Or stuff that isn’t useful to them, and wouldn’t fetch much at the average “Ye Oldde Magic Shoppe”, but will be worth a lot to some very specific people.

  3. Gillsing says:

    I prefer to equip NPCs with items they have use for. And so it came to pass that the brave adventurers got hold of a Ring of Featherfall which saved many HPs and probably lives, as they later on needed to get down into a huge hole in the ground. Then they got hold of some +5 bracers which they wanted to sell, but no one on the island had enough money to pay for them, so the players decided to leave the island for parts unknown. And that’s where it ended, because I could never muster the energy to create the new setting. Success, and then big fat FAIL on my part.

  4. Mrsnugglesworth says:

    Ha, I’ve never played Final Fantasy, and yet I recognize the Phoenix Down reference.

  5. Galenloke says:

    I like how it’s a potion but the character is disintegrated. I really love all the little jokes inside these beyond the obvious punchline.

  6. Avilan says:

    The point, of course, is that someone else drinks it and wishes for a specific person to come back from the dead… Or something.

  7. sbonner says:

    No, no. You take the potion and mix it with the ashes (after removing all the dirt, of course) until you’ve formed a firm paste. Then, you mold the paste into a shape that represents something integral or iconic to the character, what is important to the player — in this case, two roundish lumps.


  8. Grom says:

    I liked the look of these panels. Very well done.
    Aw… Poor Ivy got nothing. She should have at the least gotten a Rod of +2 Smacking the Silly Rogueish Guy up side the head!

  9. Chris Rivan says:

    I prefer to give mostly planned treasure with some randomness. I like to see how the party creatively uses a folding boat in a desert campaign, or a ring of truth telling (cursed, prevents the wearer from lying. Was identified before anyone put it on.). In the case of the ring, interrogating the captain of the guard about a plot to assassinate the duke’s son and plunge the city into war with a neighbor. The boat was a little more problematical, but just as creative… And as DM, I planned none of it. The players did it on their own.