#29 Blame the Messenger

#29 Blame the Messenger

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Beware the player who doesn’t have a character in play. He’s probably bored and doesn’t have anything constructive to do. He will most likely amuse himself by thwarting your efforts to put one over on the GM, and acting as a rules lawyer for the prosecution. Worse, he doesn’t have an in-game persona on which you might focus your revenge.

The best remedy for a situation like this is to use quick, firm blows to the face and back of the head. Since he doesn’t have a character you can’t be accused of LARPing. Some games have house rules against hitting people, so it’s best not to ask permission first.

Shamus Says:

A four panel comic! Amazing!

I’ve already made a big deal about how I struggle with the three-panel joke. Even at my most concise, I seem to end up with four instead of three. In the 150+ strip run of my other webcomic, I think I’ve done a three panel joke twice.

Shawn Says:

I’m a big fan of the pigs that were alive one moment and then became long dead in the next panel.

Marcus ends up doing this fairly regularly, pointing out things Casey’s forgotten that end up making everything worse for our heroes.  It’s an admirable character flaw.

Discussion (7)¬

  1. Shamus says:

    Amusing to me: I just finished Stolen Pixels #150. (It won’t go up until tomorrow.) It’s a three panel comic.

  2. Shawn says:


    Clockworks #50 is tomorrow. Will probably have 6 panels…

  3. Joe Cool says:

    I can’t decide if the pigs are cute looking, or really, really creepy. Something about the eyes. They either say “hug me” or “I’m going to devour your soul”.

  4. Shawn says:

    Heh. The pigs (and all of the goblins) have the exact same eyes, built out of some circles in Photoshop. I really wanted to go for that Pikachu look.

  5. Simply Simon says:

    I have done stuff like this a lot of times.
    The time that comes to mind is when I accidentally pointed out that a hit was a critical strike and got a friend knocked out in a gladiator tournament in a campaign we were playing. He wasn’t very happy.

  6. Blayze says:

    Ivy seems slightly more put off by the fact that Marcus is sitting that close to her. Granted, though, moving away from her would put him closer to Chuck and those hairy arms of his…

  7. rangerjohn says:

    Guess that makes me Marcus. But at least I would have pointed out the flaw in the plan before it was too late. By the way, if it isn’t obvious, this is my first reading of the comic.