#33 LFG

#33 LFG

Original Text: (From Ivy)

It’s imperative you keep your in-game compatriots alive, if not out of a sense of fraternal affection, then out of a sense of self-preservation. If you fail, you’ll be obliged to endure the other player’s wince-inducing attempts at writing and delivering a monologue. And that’s worse than suffering the death of your own character.

Shamus Says:

Note that I left the character designs to Shawn. My only directive for Jade was “looks a bit like Marcus” and “inappropriately dressed”. Although, she’s certainly more appropriate than Sapphire was.

Shawn Says:

I don’t know, I think the corset, the Shelf O Boobs, and the thigh high boots might be less appropriate than the original chainmail bikini.

Also, the background on panel 1 was an experiment, and still bugs me to this day.  I do love the pig toss though.

Discussion (13)¬

  1. Silas says:

    From all accounts (and having worked Ren Faire, I’ve heard plenty) the Shelf O Boobs is actually pretty dang painful for a woman with decently-sized breasts (and let’s face it, Marcus’s characters are indecently-sized by a pretty fair margin), and tends to be something suggested by a guy.

  2. AA says:

    It looks like Jade is going to get bonked in the head with that pig!

  3. artcurmudgeon says:

    how does she breathe?!?

  4. jonesy says:

    @artcurmudgeon, Painfully.

  5. Terran says:

    I really enjoy the implication that the other players have continued walking by whilst Marcus labors under the impression that they’re standing in front of Jade, politely listening. Or, at least that’s how it looks to me.

  6. DaveP. says:

    “Take a pig and start walkin’, sister.”

    Heh. I don’t know when, where, or how… but I’m gonna find a way to use that.

  7. Dash16 says:

    It’s the attention to important details that I love about this strip. You know, how the moonlight leaves highlights on the party, Jade’s sword, her shoulder, and each ginormous boob.

  8. -F says:

    I love the “Squeal?” here :-)

  9. Wandering Monstah says:

    I have to say, these strips do bear out something you snarked at a commenter for in one of the earlier revised commentaries… Jade is kind of a bitch.

    She’s just as much of a metagamer as the others, she’s just as confrontational and rude to the other players, and she’s just as eager to go along with the game-breaking and tormenting the GM. I’d have to say that framing her as smarter or more moral than any of the others could be for no reason other than being afraid to admit that you’ve written someone with ovaries as having just as much capacity (and willingness) to be a jerk as someone with testicles.

    I mean, it’s not like she’s -worse- than they are because she’s female and a jerk… it’s just that she’s -exactly as bad-, and there’s really nothing wrong with that. Unless you’re trying to insist she’s not. If you like TV Tropes so much, maybe look up Positive Discrimination.

  10. Shawn says:

    I think you mean Ivy. But yeah, all of the characters are horrible people.

  11. Wandering Monstah says:

    Ivy, rather. Not Jade. Ivy.

    I should not comment on gender perceptions in fiction when I am tired.

  12. Korkscrew says:

    I’m pretty sure the chainmail bikini was *much* more modest than the current bard panties :D … speakin’ as a female, I’m just saying that elf is genetically gifted, or carries a goodly supply of “Potion of Brazilian”.

  13. Shawn says:

    This is the first comment on these old comics I’ve actually replied to! Thanks for amusing me enough to actually say something. Here it is:

    Elves don’t have pubes. It’s a fact.