#34 Home Sweet Home

#34 Home Sweet Home

Original Text: (From Casey)

There is no plan so clever that the GM can’t find a way to punish you for it.

Shamus Says:

I just want to note that the above date is a lie, a relic left over from the 2007 run. The comic will continue according to the established pace.

The original plan was for this campaign to be three acts:

I. It Begins
II. It Gets Worse
III. It Ends Badly

We broke from this later. What I’d wanted to do was complete this story, and then move on to some completely different genre with the same characters. Maybe they’d play Star Wars. Or a vampire game. (Which would be a goldmine now that Twilight has come out and created a rift in Vampire fandom.) What we were looking forward to was showing the same characters in different styles and settings. Some campaigns would end early, or simply grind to a halt at some player / GM impass.

But I thought the series should start with a proper three-act arc.

Shawn Says:

See you on Monday.

Discussion (16)¬

  1. Ermel says:

    I’d just love to see a continuation of the series in the way Shamus suggested: same players, different genres. Just for the record. :-)

  2. Macil says:

    Never caught the first run, but have been reading the series since Shamus mentioned it on Twenty Sided. I second Ermel’s motion to continue the comic in different genres. :)

    As a suggestion for a setting, I’ve never played it but always wanted to … http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paranoia_(role-playing_game)

  3. shrikezero says:

    I third the motion to see a continuation. How many Congressman do we need to override a veto? 60? Or is this more of a 2/3rds majority thing?

  4. Viktor says:

    Could you picture Marcus in Call of Cthulhu? Or Josh? What sort of bribery is needed to get this?

  5. WCG says:

    Yeah, this comic is great. I’m loving it, and I hate to think that it’s going to end (especially unfinished). Reconsider, please.

  6. J. Beatnik says:

    I 7th the motion for continuation.

  7. PossiblyInsane says:

    I 8th the motion, as this comic is pure awesome.

  8. mmartinez says:

    Second that, i just find the comic was back on line, I loved the first run and still love it.

  9. aa says:

    9th it! Can we get an online petition going or something? heh.

  10. Didub says:

    Ohmygoodness people. Do you realize how absurd it is to attempt to force Shamus and Shawn to continue the series? Also, more practically, there’s no way more people are gonna want it back this time than last time. I witnessed it, and there were a *lot* of people asking/begging/demanding more. Much, much more than 8.

  11. Shawn says:

    It’s true. There’s really no way at all that CB would come back for anything resembling a regular schedule. One new comic a month at best is about what I think we could do, and that’s if we had the inspiration and desire. But M-W-F, or even once a week? It’s just not going to happen.

    We have one bonus comic in mind, which will I think leave the comic off in a nice place. I’d like to do the newer style ending as a sort of illustrated Cliff Notes version, with a quick drawing followed by a paragraph or two, but we’ll see how it goes.

  12. Viktor says:

    Didub:”Ohmygoodness people. Do you realize how absurd it is to attempt to force Shamus and Shawn to continue the series?”
    Yes, I do. Hence my mention of ‘bribes’. If I was talking about forcing, I would have mentioned ‘fire’. Small but important difference.

  13. AA says:

    @Didub: Absurd, yes. But, I look at the begging as more of a compliment than an *actual* attempt.

    On that note .. I could live with once a week or once a month .. so, er, any suggestions on what might help to stir the desire / inspiration? (: *panderpander*

  14. Visi says:

    I could live with once a month. :p That’s what RSS feeds or email alerts are made for.

  15. Ermel says:

    I never wanted to force anyone, JFTR. Just would love to see this thing go on, at whatever pace. I know it’s unlikely, and I knew that before I posted that comment. But hey, it can’t hurt to mention it can it? If nothing else, please take it as a compliment.

  16. Rey d`Tutto says:

    Hey, now… If three want to, but one doesn’t…