#35 It Gets Worse

#35 It Gets Worse

Original Text:

NPC’s are immortal until the moment they finish delivering their dialog. At which point they usually either drop dead or cease to exist.

If I were an NPC I’d never tell anybody anything, just in case.

Shamus Says:

And so we begin Act II. I know these jumbo-size comics were murder on Shawn. On the upside, they were much easier for me and I really enjoyed looking at them once he was done.

So, call it a wash.

Shawn Says:


To be fair, I think starting Act II off with a jumbo sized comic ala the first comic was my dumb idea in the first place.

Also, I love the last panel, and Casey’s wall of text never gets old to me.

Discussion (4)¬

  1. J. Beatnik says:

    I love how the guy in the last panel is doing the flying barbarian rage strike on the helpless villagers. It just reminds me of EVERY PC Barbarian. –> “I RAGE and strike down the minions with my ‘Flying Tiger Rage Strike’, Oh! Death! *Cleave* *Cleave* *Cleave* *Cleave* *Cleave* *Cleave* *Cleave*


  2. didub says:

    The background looks very nice in panel two and three. Hot, but not distracting.

  3. fbrb says:

    The DB on their shields looks like Daredevil’s symbol.

  4. Chris Rivan says:

    Absolutely love the stylized artwork in the final panel. Reminds me of the animated ‘Lord Of The Rings’ from the 1980s. Looks phenomenal!