#36: The Great Wall of Text

#36: The Great Wall of Text

Original Text:

I was going to have one of the characters come in and make fun of Casey for writing Too Much Danged Text, but once I saw the final work in all its glorious verbosity I realized I’d done the exact same thing in the process of writing this joke.

Still, are these pictures great or what?

Shamus Says:

In other comics I’d sometimes have text in diminishing point size within each bubble, so that it got smaller and smaller. I’d always hoped this would convey to the audience “You are not supposed to actually read this”. When it was really extreme, I’d also cover up the spam bubbles with other, shorter bubbles. My worry was always that people would actually try to read the stuff, get bored, and accuse me of being the thing I was trying to mock.

I never really figured out how well all of that worked. Here we didn’t try to drive off the reader with tiny fonts and we left a most of the text open and readable. We didn’t get a lot of complaining about excessive text, so either people have a good sense of when they should skip, or they have a bigger appetite for this sort of thing than I ever imagined.

Shawn Says:

I think it works.  I tend to glaze over the mass of word bubbles in panel 2.  I actually quite like this strip, between the mass of narration and the bitchin’ artwork, I think this one works out rather well.

Looking back, I do wish I’d have stuck with the DMotR tradition of doing Casey’s DMing bubbles in yellow.  I think on strips like this one it would have worked better.

Also, that last panel is one of my favorite things I drew in the entire run of CB.

No comic on Friday, we’re taking the day off, even from reruns.

Discussion (5)¬

  1. Which character says, “Got it. Douche was here and destroyed the town…”

    And which character is saying, “is this guy STILL on his last breath?”

    The only character I can reliably identify from their speech bubbles is Ivy, for obvious reasons.


  2. Joe Cool says:

    Leslee: Chuck, then Josh, amiright?

    It took me a while to get their text straight, too. Josh has the really messy script, Chuck looks like a typewriter, and Marcus looks like runes.

  3. neothoron says:

    I, for one, usually enjoy reading things that should not be read. In some cases, there will be a message from the author that questions my sanity. The only things that stop me are sub-3pixel font size and artificially covering the text.

  4. Kollega says:

    Douchebag took some pointers from Guy Fawkes, didn’t he?

    Why yes, my name IS Captain Obvious.

  5. Jenny Creed says:

    I love walls of text. I read them on rainy days. It’s so frustrating when it’s covered up and otherwise unreadable, not letting me see for myself how boring it really is.

    I guess I’m weird that way.