#37 How Rude

#37 How Rude

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CASEY: It’s always annoying when players interrupt your story with all of their talking and whatnot.


CASEY: See! You’re doing it again!


Shamus Says:

I had forgotten this one, so when I re-read it I actually laughed. That was pretty fun.

So ends the great pants mystery. I was really happy that Shawn went with the leather briefs. The retroactively make all of Chuck’s complaints about Sapphire so much more absurdly hypocritical.

Shawn Says:

The armored codpiece on this one is what really makes it for me.  What’s funny is when this ran originally, we had a number of comments from readers of “Ah! My eyes!” But no one ever really complained about either Jade or Sapphire’s outfits.  I’m hoping there’s at least one hairy barbarian fan out there who we made happy with this strip.  ;)

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Discussion (11)¬

  1. Artcurmudgeon says:

    Ramgar will be preforming all week at PT’s Sports Cabaret in Sauget, IL. and twice on Sunday!

    $5 off the cover charge if you mention “Chainmail Bikini”

  2. Artcurmudgeon says:

    Maybe I should have said Faces on Fourth Street in East St Louis… LOL

  3. My first thought was, “Why does that barbarian have a knee pad on his crotch?”


  4. Artcurmudgeon says:

    Thats right, now with new barbarian male enhancement you wont ever have have those annoying personal “letdowns”…

    it could sell…

  5. SatansBestBuddy says:

    So… much… HAIR!!!!

  6. Merle says:

    I might be, but…epic beards, while epic, are not the most magnetic facial appurtenances.

  7. Mike says:

    As a hairy barbarian fan, I’d like to confirm that yes, you made me very happy indeed. ^_^

  8. fbrb says:

    It seems like the theme for his armor is oranges. Like he is on a crusade against scurvy (a disease due to vitamin C deficiency).

  9. Venalitor says:

    ha! a barkini!

  10. Konig says:

    I do love barechested hairy barbarians without pants! Ramgar is a gay bear dream :P