Where Are They Now?


Shamus followed the crippling success of Chainmail Bikini by building a time machine, and going back and creating the little known DM of the Rings; before returning to the present to work at some minor website called the Escapist, where he writes a comic and a column.  He also has a blog of his own, that is beloved by many.


Shawn followed Chainmail Bikini with a two year long binge of absinthe and laudenum.  During his rare moments of lucidity, he creates the webcomic Clockworks and spends way, way too much time on Twitter.  In his moments of non lucidity, he is responsible for the all eclipsing genius that is True Tales of South City.


Following the events of Chainmail Bikini, Casey spent several months with a terrible illness that we can only assume was SARS, perhaps an early version of H1N1, maybe even a combination of the two.  He is currently prepping a new rpg campaign, which will perhaps live up to the high stakes set by his previous two campaigns.


Chuck was last seen at the Dragon’s Hoarde, telling a pair of 13 year old patrons how AD&D 1st edition is a vastly superior game to the pile of pulp that is D&D 4th Edition, which isn’t even really a roleplaying game.


Ivy has a new job as a barista, where she has improved her skills in Scowl to +12 and Snark to +14.  She briefly dated Josh following the events of Chainmail Bikini, much to Marcus’s dismay.


Josh has a level 80 Paladin, a level 80 Shaman, a level 80 Rogue, two level 80 Hunters, and a level 80 Death Knight, all Horde.  He is currently working on leveling 4 more Shaman, so that he can multi-box all five of them at once in Warsong Gulch.


Marcus has moved back in with his parents, and is currently attempting to form an Electro/Emo band.  His efforts are not being hindered by his complete and utter lack of musical ability.