0071: Sacred

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  1. J. Beatnik
    J. Beatnik


  2. Ematai

    So there is a god? huh. :P

  3. Don

    And some charismatic boosting presence or Inspiration power.

  4. LazerFX

    Nah, it’s pretty obvious. There’s a malevolent evil force that’s manipulating them. She’s got crazy-eye magic vision that can see this manipulation as symbols written on them… and the white sparkly light is the manipulation manifest.

    Can I have my cookie now?

  5. syhd

    It’s the Flying Spaghetti Monster touching his worshippers with his ethereal noodley appendages! They got his name and rank wrong, but you get that sometimes with mortals.

  6. Nicole

    Hmmm…I don’t see evil or good specifically represented by what Ophelia sees. So I will withhold judgement until all is revealed.

  7. Shawn

    I’m not going to give any answers until Ophelia explains what’s up to Thorton & Oliver next week. But I just want to mention that looking at this strip a few hours later, I’m really pleased with the way panels 3 and 4 came out.

  8. J. Beatnik
    J. Beatnik


  9. LordKyler

    hmm… I’m not sure exactly whether what Ophelia sees is good or bad, (probably good,) but I’m wondering exactly what her extrasensory capabilities are, and how they can be used for their advantage…

  10. Pandarsenic

    On one hand, the guy is a cultist. On the other hand, they’re being touched by a white light. On the mutant third hand, it disapproves of BOOZE, GAMBLING, and LOOSE WOMEN.


  11. Shawn

    I bet the preacher man was a lot of fun to be around when he was younger.

  12. pineappleleader

    Magic is being cast. If it is good or bad magic remains to be seen.

    Is the Street Preacher casting the magic himself or is he being used by another?

    Tune in next week and see. Same Clockworks Time! Same Clockworks channel!

  13. Filtiarn

    “BOOZE, GAMBLING, and LOOSE WOMEN.” Are we sure that that isn’t actually the religion?
    Also, I agree with syhd. Those are most definitely noodles.

  14. Wil K.
    Wil K.

    Maybe she’s checking out something akin to the ethereal plane; concentrated ether appendages?

  15. Emily

    Why can’t my eyes turn blue? :( I want the ability to see blue spaghetti!

  16. Kedamono

    It’s the energy of their belief/souls being transmitted to The First King/a soul sucking demon. They soon lose the ability to want anything fun like Booze, Gambling, and Loose Women. They are no longer fun at parties, but they always are the designated drivers. :-)

  17. sco3tt

    The power of Halomel compels you, the power of Halomel compels you. Has a nice ring to it if you ask me. Has a nice ring to it even if you don’t ask, heh.

  18. jygro

    It seems to me that she is ‘scanning’ in some sort of magical plane. I love the way panel two came out as well actually!

  19. BarGamer

    So Ophelia sees in “Blair-Witch-Project Sight?” The shaky-cam HORROR!

  20. Shawn

    She can see right up your nose.

  21. Jericho

    Interesting to see that “Friends of H(alomel)” is a religious cult worshipping an old Emperor. Changes the dynamic, methinks, of the relationship between god and subject: the god is imperial, hierarchical in history, yet the cult is currently connotating some sort of equivalence of respect with their god. I wonder how this will play out, if at all.

    Also, much like others, keenly desirous to understand Ophelia’s magic seeing-ness.

  22. Flo

    OH HAI! I’m new, and I just read through your whole comic. Needless to say (though I will say in anyways), I love it! Oliver especially :)

    anyways, I think the blue runes are the people (pretty obvious), and that the white is either a) the god they’re praying to (though I doubt it), or b) outside bad force, ooooOOOOH!

    anyway, I can’t wait!

  23. Shawn

    Hello new person, welcome aboard. :)

  24. Rashaki

    And because someone has to:

    Between the idea
    And the reality
    Between the motion
    And the act
    Falls the Shadow
    For Thine is the Kingdom

    –”The Hollow Men” T. S. Eliot

    I wonder, do the blue crescents have any special significance? The preacher and one of his congregation have them in their head areas, while two others have them in the chestular regions. Differing concentrations of magical energy? Myers-Briggs t/f distinction? Furious overinterpretation of your stylistic choices? I must know!

    Good work on the page, Shawn. I’m excited for next week.

  25. Shawn

    Yay! I was a big TS Eliot fan back when I was an angsty teenager. I still enjoy it.

    No confirmation or denial on if the placement of the blue patterns has any special significance. I will give you guys a clue though, if you look really, really close at the people in panels 3 and 4, you’ll notice that there are more colors than just the blue patterns in each figure.

  26. Rashaki


    Either that or lobsters.

  27. J. Beatnik
    J. Beatnik

    In the livestream, I saw when Shawn was doing the layering, and the redness inside the people was less muted. I assumed this was a cult of elementalists, specifically of the fire element, which is what the red flickering was. After a few more layers, it was more apparent that the flickering wasn’t as strong as the arcane symbols, leading me to believe that if her symbols are very bright and apparently in mage sight, then a fire elementalist would also be very apparent.

    Needless to say, Shawn is pretty tight lipped about what things mean and how they are inter-related, but most of the hardcore fans come to the livestream and banter about all kinds of great theories about the Clockworks Universe. Watch the twitterfeed and facebook group for livestream updates. It’s plenty worth it. AND GO VOTE! http://topwebcomics.com/vote/10103/default.aspx

  28. dredogastus f
    dredogastus f

    Can’t tell if it’s good or evil. But some supernatural process is being employed. Ophelia’s reaction seems to be “This unexpected/out of place”. Or even what the heck is that!

  29. Rashaki

    Well, if not lobsters, it reminds me a bit of chakras; we’ve got focus in the head, chest, abdomen and naughties.

    I’ll see about looking at the livestream, but it seems like cheating.

    Now that I’ve confessed to looking at the preacher’s junk, good day.

  30. ninjakitties

    Hellos! I’ve been reading Clockworks on-and-off for a while and thought I’d pay my respects! To the original art style especially :D

  31. catalac100

    hurrah for mind control. looks like ophelia made her roll for detect arcana (that is whats going on there right?)
    i’ve liked your work so far the art gets better and better with each strip.
    so… the empire’s rulers are Egyptians? huh

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