0076: Explicate

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  1. Shawn

    Gah! and instantly I spot a typo. Fixing…

  2. Shawn

    Fixed. Also, if anyone is confused, panel 3 is a flashback to 0041, but shown in Mage O Vision


  3. Emily

    Answers that only lead to more questions…but oh how fun it is to guess and wonder!

  4. Shawn

    Tuesday’s comic will likely continue this scene – and probably provoke even more questions!

  5. Ramsus

    Can we expect more things in Mage O Vision? Do you know where I could perhaps buy some Mage O Vision goggles? Am I going to say Mage O Vision one more time just because I like how it sounds? No, why would I do that, that would be silly.

  6. Rashaki

    There should be a Mage-O-Vision tag. /nodnod

  7. Shawn

    You are correct.

  8. stormwell

    Ooh, interesting bit about how magic works. :)

    Though far as I can tell, somebody or something is drawing upon the collective energies of those assembled people. I’m guessing this preacher regularly um ‘preaches’ and theres the possibilities that theres others like him going around and preaching, so there is a fair amount of energy being collected. Logic dictates that all this energy is being stored in something akin to Mage-O-Batteries to be used some day, question is what for and when?

    Thats just my two pence on the matter. :P

  9. Avilan

    Ophelia seems to be one of those women who subconsciously pose a lot. I mean that in a good way; and I have known a woman or two like that IRL (I have also known women who do it on purpose, but you can tell).

  10. dredogastus f
    dredogastus f

    [Panel 5] “Magical energy was…channeling far away” *smugness* I called that one right.

    I run a super-hero RPG two of my teenagers. A friend of theirs wanted to play but was feeling uninspired. Then she saw the half face of Ophelia on my desktop. 90 minutes Jezebel the Fae showed up in alt-St. Louis.

  11. Shawn


    It’s partly that I’m trying out different poses and body language for everyone, and it’s partly because I’m trying to convey the feeling that can happen if you’re friends with really beautiful women (at least it’s happened to me) where sometimes you’re thinking “Is she flirting with me? I’m not sure… man she is hot!”

  12. Shawn

    Dred – awesome!

  13. Jericho

    “were…unusual.” = Theory time at Jericho Station.
    With the new information, and re-analyzing strip 71, the unusual bit could be a few different things.

    Theory #1: Elemental magic portrays itself in corresponding colors to other elementalists. Ophelia clearly says here that there are four elements, so we have our basic water, earth, fire, wind list going on. If each element portrays itself in a corresponding color during mage-o-vision, then we have something unusual at the revival: everyone is blue. Everyone. Could all of those hapless soul-searchers just happen to be water-based? Yes, it’s plausible, although highly improbable. But it would explain the white other-magic which could very well be a manifest of a wind element. but because I don’t believe everyone WAS water-based in their element (too many variable possibilities)…

    Theory #2: Elementals see color based on their element. Ophelia being a water-based elementalist sees everything elemental during her mage-o-vision as blue. Fine; we’ve accounted for everyone being blue. So what’s with the white, huh? If this theory is correct, could the white be a meta-element? A magic that is all-elements or no element at all? Hmmm… Not sure.

    Theory #3: Elementals can tell the element base of another person based on corresponding symbols. This theory, I think, would build alongside Theory #2, not necessarily against it. When Ophelia sees the revival audience, we see four different symbols at the head of each, one of them matching the preacher’s head symbol. Comparing those to the head symbol Ophelia has is interesting, though, because she has sort of the trident symbol of the first audience member, but with curviness. So each of these symbols may show the element of that particular person. Since no person accompanies the white magic-stuff, no symbol, but this could be elemental energy in-motion, as Ophelia said in transference.

    And it is also my thought that it is a person, not mage-o-batteries, that those energies are going to. I guess you can call this Theory #4.

  14. Jericho

    AAAANdd I just realized how much of a nerd I am. Thanks, over-sized wall comment!
    (be back tonight after work)

  15. Rashaki

    Or different aspects of a person appear in different colors. It would explain the lobster flames going on amidst all the blue.

  16. Avilan

    Shawn: That is exactly what I meant. :)

  17. Shawn

    Spoiler Time!

    J and R – if you look reeeeeeeaaaaaally closely at the Mage O Vision panels (the current vote incentive certainly helps there), you can see there are actually 4 layers of Magic Pattern Stuff going on. There’s a row of earth along the spine, fire in the heart, head, and groin, and then a white layer of air from the head to the lungs, and of course, water running through the entire body.

    Ophelia can see the other elements faintly, but can only really make out (and only affect) the water patterns, because she’s a water mage. To a fire mage, Mage O Vision would look very different indeed.

    Now, what’s up with the noodley glow back at the revival? That’s a mystery.

  18. Jericho

    When you incite spoilers from the creator, it is a success.
    It wasn’t until right after my long post here that I read further down the comments on 71. I need to watch more of the livestreams, aka not be put to work so much. Ugh.
    SO, my first two theories are actually mushed together. Which is even more awesome. But this still doesn’t account for the different head-shape symbols at the revival meeting, unless those are some of the patterns that Ophelia was talking about as well.

    Here’s my NEXT question: Is the magic transferrance taking magic away from the peoples or transferring magic ONTO the peoples?!?! Dun dun DUN!

  19. Rashaki

    See! I knew I wasn’t staring at the preacher’s groin for purely spurious reasons.

  20. Shawn

    J – either, both.

  21. JefLebowski

    *cue in Metallica-Master of Puppets*
    Thats what it looked like when you look back at the scene where she said “Huh.”

  22. Jericho


    Hey, I’ve been meaning to ask this for a while: is there any way we could get the background of Clockworks to be a downloadable desktop wallpaper? Cuz I think that would rock.

  23. Shawn

    I could do that, yeah.

  24. Shawn

    Until then, you can just right click on the background, select View Background Image, then Set As Desktop Background.

  25. catalac100

    i know several people have commented on this but as a person who has just read chainmail bikini your ability to do body language has improved dramatically. it is in fact now down right awesome. you perfectly capture them as the laid back, sometimes trench coat wearing bad asses they are.
    perhaps the god takes vibrant emotion from them to sustain his life energy and parts upon them his soul controlling magic of evil lawfulness… nah i just used a d&d term so i can’t be right;)

    • Shawn

      Thanks you! Glad you’re enjoying it., and welcome aboard.

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