0081: …Pation!

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  1. Shawn

    If anyone is curious about how this page would have played out in Savage Worlds terms, Toby begins on hold. Clockbot #1 uses his action to smash the door open, then moves in. Toby then pounds the crap out of him. The clockbots are Extras, so one good hit with the wrenchammer and he’s out. Meanwhile, a ton of other Clockbots move in, ready to beat the crap out of our heroes.

    If Toby had Improved First Strike, he could just stand there and take out many if not most of them before they got to anyone else.

  2. Jabor

    I should give Savage Worlds a try sometime. The Clockworks setting itself is totally awesome too.

  3. Toby

    Sadly, Toby does not because Toby has an agility of d4, and the prerequisite for first strike is d8. Alas, the toughness of 12 will have to suffice for now.

  4. Pandarsenic

    *Pats clockbot on the head*


    *Pats clockbot on the scrap of its neck-area-ish thing*

    You’ll be missed, little guy. ;_;

  5. Shawn

    RIP Clockbot #1
    March 16th, 2010 – April 14th, 2010

  6. The Letter J

    Man, I just love how you color and texture your work – just excellent.

    Jumbo-sized panel 3 would be a great vote incentive – however, you should def. keep the current one up a bit longer due to it’s sheer awesomeness. But eventually, yeah, lets get a huge panel 3 up as you can’t go wrong with clockbots.

  7. Amy

    Better the clockbot than Toby! It was fun to see today’s chainmail bikini and put together who played who. ;)

  8. Avilan

    …Heh. DAKKA.
    They are going to need more of it.

  9. Eddy

    chugga chugga THUNK sssss….

    That, right there, is pretty much the summary of all steampunk combat.

  10. Nicole

    Oh, Toby….back up, back up, BACK UP!!!!

  11. Shawn

    Nicole – you just inspired me to write tomorrow’s comic. (Well, I was going to write and draw tomorrow’s comic anyway, but it’s going to be a different comic now than it would have been.)

  12. Shawn

    As an aside, I’m surprised that no one has noticed than in panel 3, we get confirmation that yes Chompybot’s maw does open up, presumably to bite down on people after he chainsaws them.

  13. didub

    Were rivets flying out of clockbot #1′s back in panel 2? That’s a nice touch to emphasize how… decisive Thorton’s blow was.

  14. didub

    Actually, the more I look at this strip, the more I think it looks like a scene from Bone: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bone_(comics)

  15. Shawn

    Thank you. I didn’t have any bits of Bone particularly in mind when creating today’s comic, but it’s a book I love and have read several times. But I will happily take any Bone comparisons.

    And yes, there are chunks of Clockbot #1 flying about.

  16. Organic mcgee
    Organic mcgee

    Heh, couldn’t Ophelia just do something to the water in the ‘bots boilers? It’d be a quick solution to a delicate problem.

  17. Filtiarn

    Loved the Chainmail Bikini bonus, by the way. Everything about it was awesome.

  18. Antiquated Tory

    If you’ll pardon a website question, how does the page count on your site work? The first page of the comic is 31 and this is 1150, which doesn’t correspond at all with the number of comics.

  19. Nicole

    Shawn–wow, cool! :) Can’t wait to see it!

  20. Shawn

    Tory – page numbers are autogenerated by wordpress, using voodoo.

  21. syhd

    Voodoo? Who do?

  22. jygro

    do what?

  23. Shawn

    Remind me of the babe.

  24. Monk

    Wow. There’s more dakka on this page.

  25. Shawn

    You broke the chain!

  26. Chuck Smith
    Chuck Smith

    Heheheh. Like the rocky horror bit…

  27. Monk

    What babe?
    Happy now?

  28. catalac100

    its a good thing toby can’t be hurt except by criting damage or else this would be problematic.

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