0093: Speculation

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  1. syhd

    Meanwhile, Eva hits the booze…

    • Shawn

      She’s like “Uh huh, whatever you two. Oooh, whiskey!”

      • Jack Munroe
        Jack Munroe

        I’ve had breakfasts with the in laws that could have used some of Eva’s special elixer. “YES I WANT BACON! and burbon. lots of burbon”

  2. Nicole

    Adorable. :)

  3. Shawn

    I didn’t bring up the alternate theory, that Oliver is a sentient coat and hat.

    • Pandarsenic

      Please, make this be true.

      Also, I love Ophelia’s expression in the last panel.

      • Chuk

        Yeah, Olivia’s face looks neat in the last panel. Funny lightness, a nice break after the action scenes.

    • Amy

      See! We KNEW the hat was important! ;)

    • Nicole

      WIN!!!! :D

  4. C Scott Morris

    I can believe the coat and hat before vampire…

  5. cr8dv8

    Toby just became my most favourite character in this story. (Okay, he’s always been up there, but still.)

  6. J. Beatnik
    J. Beatnik

    Actually, if you follow the background of the world, Thorton is from Irone, and if you remember, Irone has a bunch of crazy stuff going on there. Vampires and werewolves and creatures of the night aren’t too far fetched for a place like Irone. I think that Thorton has a run in with a few Vampires in his past, and we’re seeing him play the dumb card here, because he doesn’t want to delve deeper into the subject of ‘Things Man Was Not Meant To Know’

    • Shawn

      We can assume that Thorton is an expert on this stuff, and that if vampires were real, he’d know about it.


  7. Filtiarn

    Like the art change here. More cartoony, with bright colors and all. It changes the tone perfectly.

    • Shawn

      Thanks. I wanted today’s strip to be a bit of a palette cleanser after all the danger and darkness and injury lately. Just a silly little break before we get in to the next round of drama, danger, gloom, and doom.

      • Filtiarn

        Ophelia looks almost 12-year-old-ish in that last panel. Which makes sense in an anime sort of way.

  8. Galenloke

    That was great, I have lol’ed for the day. Thorton’s expression is even more hilarious now (as opposed to on FB).

  9. Galenloke

    Where did Ophelia’s teacup go in the last panel? Did Eva steal it?

    • Shawn

      Um… yes.

      That’s exactly it, and not at all that I forgot to draw it.

      • Bill

        Well obviously Eva took it. How else to explain the glass in her hand and a teacup (handle facing her) still on the table? After all, she did not have two glasses in the first frame!

        There, covered you ;>)

        • Shawn

          It’s a flask in her hand, not her coffee mug.

  10. Ben

    “A witch? That’s like science fiction.”
    “We live on a space ship, honey.”


  11. Ink

    Heehee! I love Thorton’s face in the third panel. I noticed no one commented on his being shirtless and in pajamas, unlike that time he appeared in a towel… perhaps they’re used to it by now? Shame.

    • syhd

      I asked during the livestream. He’s wearing pants, not a towel.

  12. Jericho

    LOVE THIS PAGE. I busted up laughing at three different times while reading this; a feat to be proud of Shawn. 1) Toby’s vampire theory. 2) Thorton’s blinks. 3) Ophelia’s denial. The awesome sauce is super heavy on this page and it is…well, it’s awesome!

    • Shawn


  13. Da Red Paintjob Grot
    Da Red Paintjob Grot

    This one just became my favourite clockworks comic ever.
    It’s nice to know you are still modelling Thorton on me (I swear you must be stalking me, even his responses sound like me…)

    Side-note: Oliver isn’t pale enough to be a vampire.

  14. Micah

    And half of Thorton’s clothes are missing again. The man just cannot seem to keep them attached!

    Nice work bringing the characters out through the dialogue. This scene really highlights everyone’s personalities.

    • dredogastus f
      dredogastus f

      I also like seeing how the characters act out of combat. But what’s with Ophelia’s reaction to being called a witch? Ophelia is always cool and unruffled. Is she just hamming it up to join in the japery? Or is she truly insulted by being called a witch?

      • Shawn

        I think I probably drew her in an overly cartoonish style, but yeah, Ophelia is none to happy to be called a witch.

  15. Avilan

    This one is absolutely a winner!

  16. vmaaxt

    Oliver is not a vampire. He is obviously a werewolf. The hat and coat keep the hair in.

  17. Avilan

    We need more Were-things!
    Were-newts! Were-squirrels! Were-weasels…!

  18. Sitting Duck

    The official term is Arbitrary Skepticism

    • Shawn

      Heh. Someone should edit that page to include a link to this comic. *hint hint*

  19. Sitting Duck

    Already taken care of.

  20. jumpingmouse

    new reader – really liking this!!

  21. taraswanwing

    Oliver: No, I am NOT a vampire.
    Toby: That’s exactly what a vampire would say!
    Oliver: And it’s what a person accused of vampiracy would say.
    Toby: Then why do you wear a mask?
    Eva: Enough, we’ve got work to do.
    Bah, I’ve been writing my screenplay for far too long. Now I’m dramatising other people’s comics! So…tired…

  22. catalac100

    of course he isn’t a sentient coat and hat. he has too much of a face for that :)

  23. BobLeo

    Too funny. Shawn, you have good pacing from tense to light, and from many-panelled action to the one-cell pull-back. Shows a great storytelling rythum.

    • Shawn

      Thank you very much! Glad you’re enjoying your archive binge. :)

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