Man, it’s been a while since I’ve had the time to do a big rambly blog post.  Strap yourself in and get ready, because there’s a lot to ramble about today!

Yesterday was the grand finale of Clockworks: the Home Game.  After 13 months or so of biweekly sessions, with the occasional breaks, our tale is over.  Obviously, I can’t tell you exactly what happened but I want to talk about the end a bit.

Endings are always tricky for me.  I’ll be honest, I was fairly nervous going up to Sunday’s game.   The previous few sessions weren’t as well recieved as the earlier parts of the game.  I think for a couple of reasons: the game was less open ended than it had been in the early days (or even the middle and the beginning of the end…), and the bad guys had a pretty solid upper hand, which I can see would be frustrating.

Anyway, the final session went well.  It was mostly a massive fight with the Big Bad, but the end was suitably epic and fit the dramatic themes of the story so far, with enough humor and butt kicking to keep things fun.  We tied up the big loose ends, and I think the ending was fitting and satisfying.

I can’t tell you what happened or who the Big Bad was or if our heroes won or how or any of that.  You’ll find out in several years.

Here are some occasionally censored pictures from the last game.  Click the pictures for a larger view.

The field of battle:

Our heroes approaching their antagonist: (Heroes and Big Bad censored to keep their identities secret)

At a crucial point, one hero makes the following damage roll:

Finally, our heroes face their final challenge.  Censored to preserve the mystery for when it shows up in the comic one day.  But note the grid to get a sense of scale.

What the crap is happening here?

(So, um, let’s assume that we had roughly 25 game sessions all told, might have been a bit less.  Almost a year in, Clockworks: the comic is about halfway through the third session.  Yeah…  I’m going to assume the rate of 3 sessions a year will improve, but even if we average 4 or 5 a year to adapt, that’s still a lot of comic.  Which I suppose is good news for you guys.  ;) )

June 23rd will be the 1 year anniversary of Clockworks: the Comic.  I have a lot planned for the Anniversary Week, including some guest art and a guest blog and some other cool surprises.  I’m excited, you should be too.


The Clockworks Wiki could use some love. I highly encourage you to go and update the page on Mysterious Villain #1/Klaudius, and add a page for Mysterious Villain #3, maybe update Oliver’s page, and create any other tweaks and changes you think should be made.

The Clockworks TV Tropes page could use a lot of love. Feel free to run around and expand the description and add tropes to the Clockworks page and to plunk Clockworks in to any pages you think it fits.  Just be careful that you don’t get sucked in to a TV Tropes Time Vortex.

Clockworks is the featured comic over on the Rampage Network for June.  Woot.

I have a Tumblr that I’ve been using quite a bit the last month or so for things that are too long for Twitter.  There’s even a tag for Clockworks Inspiration, which may feature images and videos and sounds you will find interesting.  Those of you with Tumblrs should follow me, and let me know who you are so I’ll add you back.

Okay, non comic stuff!

Do you like things that are awesome? Are you also a fan of things that are free?  Trent Reznor’s new band is How To Destroy Angels, and the debut 6 song EP is free, and also really good.  It sounds pretty much exactly like late period Nine Inch Nails, but with a female singer.   There’s a bit of a Kraftwerk vibe in there at times, and all in all it’s pretty awesome.  Listen to it loudly and/or on headphones.

In other Things That Are Awesome news, this video is my new favorite anything ever:

I’ve watched it like 20 times since Saturday.

My favorite part, aside from the melody at the end, is the bit about 45 seconds in, with the flip flops on the head.  That’s the moment that says “This right here? This is about to get awesome.”

I think that about covers everything.  See you guys tomorrow for a new comic!