Man.  That took a while!

I’ll ramble more, but I don’t want to delay this page any more.  Blog post update in a few.


So the idea here was to do the comic equivalent of those scenes in kung fu movies where you just have two really good fighters and just leave the camera on them for one long shot and watch them go to town.  Now, I have the advantage here that I don’t have to train kung fu masters.  I have the disadvantage that man, 9 panels is a ton of stuff to draw.  Even though it’s only two characters, this one took forever.  (Especially for something that takes 10 seconds to read.)

At some point I really need to start drawing less ambitious pages, just a couple of characters sitting around chilling for like 5 panels.  That’s not going to happen soon though.  I have a feeling it’s all crazy complicated stuff from here until the Lukov fight is over.  (My guess for that by the way is another 8 pages maybe?)

As for Oliver, we’ll get back to him on Friday.  See you then!