0139: Arise

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  1. Emily

    *happy dance*
    She’s alright! Yaaaa!!!

  2. Rose Loughran

    Couldn’t pull the trigger, eh Shawn? GET OUT OF THE WAY, I’LL DO IT MYSELF.

    • Shawn

      Shouldn’t you be busy killing off your own characters right now?

      • Rose Loughran

        Who’s got two thumbs and can multi-task? This lady!

        • Shawn


        • fourthingsandalizard

          You’re back! Woop.

    • taraswanwing

      …(jaw drop/stare/eye twitch)

    • fourthingsandalizard

      This nearly made me fall off my chair.

  3. Didub

    Did she absorb all the water?

    • Shawn

      I thought about drawing the water falling down like rain in panel 4, but I kind of like that theory.

  4. taraswanwing

    AGGH! That really freaked me out! :O And Ophelia sure loves her entrances! :33

  5. Golux

    Poor Toby – what was going through his mind? “Crap, I’m a gonner!” or “This is gonna be one last ugly fight to save the world!” ?

    • Shawn

      If there was a thought bubble there, my guess is it would say “Oh crap!”

    • dredogstus f
      dredogstus f

      @ Golux That’s not Toby sitting by Ophelia. He doesn’t look like a hospital orderly either. Yet how could Ophelia’s “body” end up in someone else’s custody?


  6. Nicole

    Oh yay!!! Yay! :D

  7. Who, Me?
    Who, Me?

    I like the map, but I can’t read it. Could you change the font on it a little bit to make it more legible? If it’s too much trouble, don’t worry about it. Love the comic, btw!

    • Shawn

      I can mess with it.

  8. Spectre

    So she’s /not/ going to go berserk and kill everyone. Well, that’s good news.

  9. Avlor


  10. Bx

    When Ophelia’s in a ragey mood she looks a little manly or even beastly. Panel 4 looks quite disturbing.

    • Shawn

      As was intended. Fun experiment: find a friend of yours who’s a very attractive woman, and have her make angry rage faces. She will definitely not look “pretty”.

      I probably exaggerated the mouth a bit too much, now that I look at it, but chalk that up to the cartoony nature of the comic.

      • Bx

        That’s true but I’m not on the “pretty” issue. It’s just that the forehead is very slant and withdrawn and the mouth (especially the chin) quite exaggerated and that makes her look really beast-like. It’s not that she’s ugly in that panel, it’s just somewhat beastly, dehumanized (and I don’t mean it’s bad. It’s a good reminder that she’s not a normal human. She’s “a mage and therefore insane and evil” :P ).
        And that gives me a hint that I would never ever want to upset her (besides the ice blasts and other witchcraft) ;)

        • Shawn

          No worries. Apologies if I was overly pedantic or defensive or what have you.

          But yeah, magic is scary stuff. :)

          • Bx

            No probs ;)
            Damn, and now I’m quite sure that there’s only one woman in this comic that isn’t scary (and I mean Brigitte from strip 0110, of course not Eva) ;P

            • taraswanwing

              What about Toby’s mom? She’s nice! :33

              • Shawn

                Eva’s pretty cool too, I’d say.

                • Kat D.
                  Kat D.

                  Mwuahaha…. :)

  11. Merlevade

    Nice page!

    Also I really like the map, looks spiffy.

    • Shawn

      Danke! It looks much more like a real place than the earlier versions, but with enough interest and mystery that the map alone I think will spark some ideas for people..

  12. Jukka

    Sorry, offtopic. I just found this comic few weeks ago. I really like it. I’m just currently a bit frustrated because I have no idea how often I should expect updates? Couldn’t find the info from site.

    • Shawn

      Right now usually once a week, typically on Tuesdays. Your best bet is to subscribe to the RSS feed or become a fan of the comic on FB or follow me on Twitter.

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