0141: Inject

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  1. Jericho

    I like sketchy Oliver and Thorton for flashback scenes. Good art call! And tell your left hand to STOP IT. NOW.

    • Shawn

      Thanks! It’s feeling a lot better now. Laying in bed for 3 days with food poisoning really seemed to have helped my wrist heal. The weirdest part is it just came out of nowhere. I’m used to pains/cramps in my right hand, (and do regular hand/wrist stretches now to help with that) but this was very sudden and unexplained. No fun.

  2. Rose Loughran

    Getting ill, eh? Injuring your arm, eh? You know that’s only for chumps, right? Chumpy chumps?

    (Awesome page! I’m digging the scratchy sepia style you used for the flashback panels.)

    • Shawn


  3. taraswanwing

    Uh oh…dook dook? Dogbots?
    Also: Oliver knows medicine? What can’t he do? Besides magic…and archery…and mechanics…

  4. Stormwell

    As weird as it sounds it might be repetitive strain injury thats effected your wrist.

    Regardless, nice to hear yer back on yer feet.

  5. Syhd

    I can see Thorton writing the next best seller: “How to Piss Off Friends and Leave Coworkers Bleeding”

  6. Shawn

    +100 points to the first person who correctly guesses what Toby is looking at before next week’s comic.

    • dredogstus f
      dredogstus f

      Sounds like a dogbot. Toby isn’t reacting like it’s an attack ‘bot. Do robot dogs carry messages for people?

      • Shawn

        I totally spaced that I’d previously used the DOOK DOOK noise both for dog bots and door knocks. I think I’ll go and revise it to DUNK DUNK in this page.


        • dredogstus f
          dredogstus f

          Since I forsee no immediate explosion, Toby is calmly looking down. It must be one of the little trolls from chpt…

          WAIT!! This just in! It’s official. It’s a burning bag of dog poo. Our man Shawn Mechholme is tubing us these reports as events unfold in the Brass Gardens.

          • Syhd

            I can’t say, but someone else might suggest a food stuff that rhymes with mathematical constant whose first three digits are a day short of the Ides of March.

  7. M

    “God willing and the creek don’t rise”

    You might be intrigued to know that in ancient Britain the only valid excuse for not making it to a moot was if the rivers had risen and the fords were unpassable.

    random trivia for ya


    • Shawn


  8. Foxbat

    Someone probably slid a pizza under the door…

    • Shawn

      There’s a flaming bag of poo on the porch.

  9. taraswanwing

    I know! It’s those little goblins and dwarves from the Rookery with Get Well cards! :33

    • Shawn


  10. Merlevade

    I like the big man, he is a funny lad. :D

  11. dredogstus f
    dredogstus f

    Will we find out in time for Christmas?

    • Shawn

      I hope so.

  12. taraswanwing

    Okay, maybe it’s Steampig or letters/papers from someone. Or maybe it’s Steampork…

  13. Dethwarm Dover
    Dethwarm Dover

    So… is another update coming soon? It’s done been a while…

    • Shawn

      It’s been too long.

      I’ll post a graphic for it soon, but Clockworks will return on Monday the 14th.

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