I’m making an experimental change to the update schedule, now that we’ve finished Chapter 12. I won’t be doing weekly page updates for Chapter 13. Instead, the comic is going on hiatus until January (final date tba), and when it returns I’ll upload the entirety of Chapter 13 in a burst of daily updates. ¬†Chapter 13 is shorter, should be only about 8 pages or so, so with a chapter cover image, just about two weeks worth of new comics.

If I like the way this update schedule works out, I’ll do it again on Chapter 14. If I don’t like it for whatever reason, we’ll return to the normal weekly updates in Chapter 14.

While the comic is on break, things won’t be entirely quiet here. Syhd has drawn another (entirely canon) Sir Wilhom Bloodbourne comic, this one two pages, that I’ll post here over the next two weeks. Also expect blog posts and art previews and such.

You may recall that last year I switched my Amazon Wish List entirely to art supplies for the comic. I was blown away by the response, and now I’m swimming in pens and markers, Scrooge McDuck style. ¬†I’m on the edge of filling up all of my sketchbooks with Clockworks art though, so if you’d like to support the comic and literally help make Chapter 13 happen, please consider throwing a sketch book my way. Clockworks has no ads, so if you’d like to help the comic out, a sketch book is really the ideal way. Or, if you really like me, Walmart.com has email delivery Dominos Pizza gift cards, so you can make sure I don’t starve to death before I draw Chapter 13. ;)

Anyone who supplies art supplies or pizza will receive my eternal gratitude and also a custom made thank you doodle.

I think that’s about everything. See you next week for Sir Wilhom Bloodbourne’s Adventures In Highschool Romance.