In which there are four entrances and three exits.

Hey, we’re back.

Some stuff:

Sadly, the “take a break, work ahead” plan failed miserably. I spent most of January worrying about having a negative bank account, and figuring out how I was going to eat food and keep a roof over my head. This didn’t leave a lot of energy for comic making sadly. I eventually decided instead of further delaying things, to just abandon the work ahead plan and jump back into things. If it makes you feel any better, considering how my last month went, chances are we would have seen a very similar delay if I’d have been attempting a weekly update schedule.

The good news is, the next page is written and drawn, I just need to scan it in and color it and put everything together and all of that. It’s also I think my favorite line art in the comic to date (and sadly almost the only thing I’ve drawn in like two months that I don’t hate). Plan is to put out the next page on Thursday or early Friday.

I’m not gonna lie, it’s been a rough hiatus (oh also I’m getting over being sick right now, came down with either a nasty throat infection or a 48 hour flu over the weekend, so it’s been fun) and right now I’m just looking forward to putting my head down and getting out some weekly updates, because I am really excited for what’s to come in this story.

Also, I’m currently setting up a Patreon account, and a shop to buy prints and original line art, to help with some of that “too broke to make comics” issue. For any of you unaware, Patreon is sort of like Kickstarter, except for paying for one big project, you can set a tip amount (and a monthly limit) that you pay out each time there’s an update by someone you’re a patron of. I’m still working on the details, so if you have any experience with it or any thoughts on rewards/tip levels etc, please add any thoughts in the comments.

See you all again asap.