And there you have it, Thorton’s plan of “point the guy trying to arrest your friend the water mage at your enemy the earth mage.” This is exactly what our heroes did in Clockworks the Home Game, btw. I’d planned a big lair for Klaudius and a big confrontation, and the players decided “Screw that, let’s make someone else deal with it.”

Incidentally, the title of today’s comic should be Jiè D?o Sh? Rén, but wordpress hates “?”. (Edit: HA! It’s an a with a line over it.)

As much of a pain in the ass as last week’s page was to make, this week’s page was super easy. Probably because I’d already done half of the work ahead of time. But even the new line art was quick and effortless to draw. So yay.

The next two pages are going to be fairly experimental, art wise, and if they come out half as cool on the screen as they are in my head, I think you’ll really dig them. The next two pages are also the end of Chapter 13, and then we move on to Chapter 14, where big huge stuff happens. I’m looking forward to the next few months of the comic.