Chapter 14

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  1. Bruno BS
    Bruno BS

    Just hoping this “goodbye” is not the end…

    • Shawn

      Don’t worry, there are still many more years of the comic ahead.

  2. Jesse

    I like(d) that villain! He’s like a smoke ninja.

    • Shawn

      Then I think you’ll enjoy this chapter…

  3. Amy V.
    Amy V.

    ooh! So we get to see more of the world beyond Clorencia City? (And with your hint above and the doubt expressed a page or so that the villain is dead – could be interesting!)

    • Kedamono

      It’s pretty much SOP in most comics that unless you have the body, or at least the head, cooling on a mortuary slab, he or she ain’t dead. And even then that’s not a guarantee, re: Batman.

      • Shawn

        I can guarantee that Lukov is dead. Anyone else you’ll have to wait and see.

        And yes, after 167 pages, we’re finally leaving Clorencia City.

  4. Ivan

    Oh yes be vague with that paragraph, thats totally not unsettling.

  5. Bruno BS
    Bruno BS

    MIght he be an arsonist? I see fire in his googles… This comic rocks!

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