For Chapter 14 of the comic, I’m making some changes to my process to speed things along. For eons now, I’ve had a photoshop file that just contained the main colors for each of the main characters, and a few objects like glowy magic or Thorton’s bow or everyone’s goggles that get used over and over again. (Fun fact: every time any of the main characters’ goggles have ever shown up in the comics, it’s the exact same lenses from page 0001, just distorted to fit the angle of the drawing.)

Starting with the next chapter, I’m moving that batch of colors and objects to a folder in my main template for each page that I reuse so that I don’t have to recreate everything every single page.

I’m also debating redrawing the goggles, for the first time ever. We’ll see. (And yes, Eva, Ophelia, and Toby are all completely monochrome. Actually that’s not entirely true, Toby’s teeth are slightly yellower than the rest of him, I just use Hue/Saturation to do that instead of saving the teeth color. So when I color the comic, there’s a step where each of the heroes is just a big block of pink or orange or blue or whatever. The same generally holds true for villains and other characters.)

Anyway, I thought this was an interesting little look behind the scenes at how I make the comic.