And we’re back! (Again!)

December was slower than I’d hoped, but I am finishing the chapter as planned before the end of the month! Page 0179 and 0180 were originally scripted as one page, and are meant to be read back to back. To minimize the wait between pages I put them together at the same time, and there will be two pages this week! 0180 will hopefully go up Tuesday, and if not it’ll go live on Wednesday 12/31. Page 0180 will also be the final page of this chapter, and I think you’ll all really dig it.

Also, over on Patreon I’ve posted a free print resolution download of the line art from the group shot in today’s page. ┬áIt looks exactly like this, but much larger and suitable for printing and framing. If you’d like a full sized print resolution version, you can sign up over there to throw $1 or more at me.


Other than that, hope you had a happy holiday of your choosing and that you all have an awesome new year! See you very, very soon.