0181: Deduce

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  1. Kedamono

    Focus Toby! Focus!

    • Shawn

      He’s just really excited, like a puppy.

  2. Cuthalion


  3. taraswanwing

    Of all the puns to make…oh Toby.
    It amuses me how much Ophelia looms over the rest of the party.

  4. Syhd

    I dunno, seems like the perfect time for a pun. At least it’s not the only thing to bomb in the room.

  5. Sitting Duck
    Sitting Duck

    Let’s see if he can figure out which drink the iocane powder is in.

  6. Sitting Duck
    Sitting Duck

    BTW was Ophelia always taller than the others, or is she just standing on something?

    • Shawn

      Yep, she’s always been the second tallest, although I’m not always as consistent at relative heights as I’d like to be. If you go back and read Chapter 14, there are a lot of group shots of our heroes walking, which should give you an idea of how they line up. It goes Toby -> Ophelia -> Thorton -> Eva -> Oliver.

  7. Light

    I don’t know why but I feel like Toby would blush in a different color…

    • Shawn

      The last time he blushed (like a hundred pages ago) it was more of a dark orange. Tried a redder version this time.

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