Will update this with a blog post shortly, lots to ramble about and link to, but this page is late enough.

EDIT: Bloggery  update! Here are a whole bunch of random videos and stuff that I love that you should see.

1: This Dystopian Taco Bell commercial, which is like the most Shawn thing ever made. It’s like if the Free Islands put out a video trying to get people to leave the Great Republic. I love everything about this, including how horribly it perverts the very concept of teenage punk rock revolt so they can sell fast food breakfast.

2: Here’s a video of the ¬†Teletubbies in black and white set to Joy Division, it’s pretty glorious:

3: I bought Song of the Sea last week, and it’s easily the best looking animated film I’ve ever seen in my life. I 100% recommend everyone buying a copy, if you like things that are gorgeous and magical and amazing.

4: I’ve been playing Transistor lately, and really digging it. The soundtrack in particular is fantastic, although I’m not a huge fan of the game’s combat system.

That’s about it for now. See you fine folks soon.