0193: Calling

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  1. Kedamono

    The family still has its connections and business connections. It will hurt, but it can bounce back from this. Francesca surely has recovered from this tragedy. I mean, she’s down to 50 dresses, 200 shoes, and has only a recent vintage wine to drink!

    Her father was planning to marry her off, but without a suitable dowry, she’s far too high maintenance for the ordinary millionaire to afford. Perhaps he could turn her into a mistress and use that income…

  2. Syhd

    Oh she’s one of those annoyingly perfect villains who does everything right at the right time and plays a little just for fun. I hate them with a passion.

    • Shawn

      Well hopefully you will hate her in a good way, and not in an annoyed way.

  3. Kedamono

    A quick question about the process of creating comics. Is that a real lipstick print on that card?

    • Shawn

      Yep. It’s the same lip print from the letter. My friend Erin drew a stick figure portrait of me a few years ago, and left a kiss next to her signature. It’s been on my fridge ever since, and when I needed a lipstick print for Brigitte I decided it would be fun to use a real one instead of drawing it/finding one online.

  4. Sparrow

    I am really liking what you did with the books, and just the detail you put into the angle and size depending on the angle. It makes me happy you think of that (I often do not) >u<

    • Shawn

      Thanks! I usually do things pretty head on, I kind of think of the comic as a side scroller video game a lot, but I’ve been trying to push myself and branch out, and I really wanted to draw the first panel from that angle in particular.

      Hopefully the comic will continue to get more interesting looking as it goes on. :)

  5. Wor

    The next day:
    “I have good news and bad news. The good news is that we found the thief and all the money. The bad news is that we are enacting “finders keepers” rules here. Sorry.”

  6. BobLeo

    Now I’m all caught up. By the way, I like how you use silohettes in some panels. I know it saves time, but it also looks great and highlights body language / poses (I think someone else mentioned that ages ago). Use of contrasting color such as the white grenade works well also.

    What is Bridgette’s motive for the theft? Funding her evil scheme? Hindering her pursuers?

    Is there any connection between the butler robot and the robot versions of Ophelia & Eva? Must remember this….

  7. Al

    I hope you are well. I’m just wondering how the next page in the comic is coming along.

    • Shawn

      Unfortunately, in addition to the excitement of buying and rehabbing an old house, this week I fell and broke a bone in my ankle. #sadtrombone Not sure when I’ll be able to bring the comic back, but it’s an extremely high priority. I miss drawing this thing, a lot.

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